What is EV Charge Point Operator or EV CPO ?

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What is a Charge Point Operator or CPO ?

A Charge Point Operator or a CPO is a person who is responsible for operating, managing, and maintaining EV charging stations. The role of a Charge Point Operator involves developing electric mobility infrastructure, ensuring that charging stations are properly maintained and that consumers have access to reliable, secure, and seamless charging facilities.

What is the difference between CPO & eMSP ?

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What does a CPO do ?

The responsibilities of a CPO vary depending on the type of charging station, location, and regulatory requirements. However, in general, a CPO is responsible for the following:

Who can become a Charge Point Operator

Installation and Maintenance

CPOs install and maintain the charging infrastructure, which involves hardware and software. They ensure the charging stations are in good working condition and provide reliable service to the EV owners.

Network Management

Charge Point Operators manage the charging station network, ensuring they are connected and communicating. This management allows EV owners to conveniently access charging stations and pay for the service through a single platform.

Energy Supply to Electric Vehicles

One of the most critical services that the CPO provides is the smart management of operations and energy supply. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that all EVs that come to the EV charging stations receive sufficient power supply. This is necessary especially during peak hours, when the power supply distribution is crucial.

Customer Support

They provide customer support to EV owners, including technical assistance, billing and payment-related queries, and other issues related to charging stations.


CPOs need to comply with the regulatory requirements of the local and national authorities. They must obtain licenses and permits, ensure safety and security, and adhere to environmental standards.

Charge Point Operator Software

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Importance of a Charge Point Operator

The role of a Charge Point Operator is essential for the development of the electric mobility ecosystem. EV owners need reliable, safe, and user-friendly charging facilities to meet their requirements.

Who can become a Charge Point Operator

CPOs are crucial in ensuring that the charging infrastructure is installed correctly and maintained and that EV owners can access charging facilities wherever they go.

CPOs are also crucial for the growth of the EV market. As more people switch to electric vehicles, the demand for charging infrastructure is increasing. Charge Point Operators can contribute to the development of the EV market by providing innovative charging solutions and expanding the charging network to new locations.

Things to consider before becoming a CPO

Several factors need consideration before you decide to become a CPO. Here are some of them:

Who can become a Charge Point Operator

Market Analysis

It is essential to analyse the market and assess the demand for charging infrastructure. This analysis includes understanding the EV market, charging station locations, and competition.

Business Plan

A business plan for becoming a CPO is essential for any entrepreneurial venture. The plan should include financial projections, strategy, and goals.

Technical Expertise

CPOs need to have technical expertise in the installation and maintenance of charging infrastructure. This includes knowledge of electrical systems, software, and hardware.


Charge Point Operators need to comply with the regulatory requirements of the local and national authorities. This includes obtaining licenses and permits, adhering to safety and security standards, and complying with environmental regulations.

Who can become a Charge Point Operator (CPO)?

Several types of organisations and individuals can become CPOs, especially the ones who are involved in the following fields:

Who can become a Charge Point Operator


Electric utilities are natural candidates to become CPOs. India’s Ministry of Power already have the necessary infrastructure and expertise in the energy sector to manage the installation and operation of charging stations. By becoming CPOs, these utilities can diversify their revenue streams and support the growth of the electric mobility sector.

Other Government Bodies

Government bodies like Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Ministry Of Road Transport and Highways can become CPOs to support the growth of the electric mobility sector and achieve their sustainability goals. By investing in charging infrastructure, they can promote the adoption of electric vehicles, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to cleaner air in cities.

Private Companies

Private companies can invest in installing and operating charging infrastructure. This can be a good business opportunity for companies that are involved in the automotive, energy, or technology sectors.

Hotel Owners

Installing charging stations in hotels can be an excellent value-added service for their customers, especially for those travelling in electric vehicles. Hotel owners can also partner with other CPOs to expand the network and provide charging facilities to a broader range of customers.

Individual Entrepreneurs

Individual entrepreneurs can start small by installing a few charging stations and gradually expanding the network. This requires technical expertise, financial resources, and a solid business plan.

Parking Lot Owners

Parking lot owners are well-positioned to become CPOs by installing charging stations in their facilities. This can attract EV owners to their parking lots, increasing revenue and providing a value-added service for their customers.


Retailers can benefit by installing charging stations in their parking lots or near their stores. This can attract EV owners to their stores and increase foot traffic. They can also partner with other CPOs to expand the network and provide charging facilities to a broader range of customers.

Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers own access to multiple properties; therefore, they can install charging stations in those properties to increase the chances of receiving potential tenants.

Fleet Owners

Fleet owners can become CPOs by investing in installing and operating charging infrastructure for their electric vehicles. This can help them reduce their fuel costs, lower their carbon footprint, and improve their image as a sustainable company.

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The role of a CPO is crucial in developing the electric mobility ecosystem. Charge Point Operator’s are responsible for installing, managing, and maintaining charging infrastructure. They ensure EV owners can access reliable, safe, and user-friendly charging facilities.

Becoming a CPO requires careful analysis of the market, a solid business plan, technical expertise, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Companies like YoCharge provide innovative solutions for installing and managing EV charging infrastructure. As the demand for electric mobility grows, the role of CPOs will become increasingly important. Efficient solutions like YoCharge will play a vital role in meeting the need for reliable, safe, and user-friendly EV charging facilities.

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