OCCP Compliant EV Charging Software

YoCharge’s EV Charging Software is compatible with various hardware and fully adheres to the OCPP protocol

Seamless Integration with any EV charger

YoCharge’s OCPP Software Supports OCPP 1.6j, and 2.0.1, offering easy integration with 50+ leading charge point manufacturers.

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Unlocking Interoperability and Cost Efficiency with OCPP

The Openness of the Protocol Allows for Easy Addition of New Features and Improvements

Tailored Solutions

Offer Customized Service Levels, Charging Power, and Cost Structures to Satisfy Your Customers’ Unique Use Cases.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Monitor Your Network, Access Charge Point Logs, and Perform Maintenance Tasks from Anywhere in Real-Time.

Optimize Energy Usage with DLB

Utilize Charging Profiles, Scheduled Charging, and DLB to Avoid Costly Grid Upgrades.

Remote Firmware Updates

Easily Upgrade Your Charging Stations with the Latest Technologies

The Significance of OCPP Compliant Software for All EV Charging Stakeholders

Cost Savings and New Business Opportunities with OCPP-Compliant Backend

Content – Leverage OCPP’s hardware agnosticism for flexibility in charge point selection, while fault prevention algorithms minimize support and maintenance expenses. Optimize grid investment and electricity costs through dynamic load management. Scale your network using a future-proof OCPP-compliant management platform to unlock new business models and revenue opportunities.

Explore EV Charging Solution for Charge Point Operators

Experience effortless support for OCPP-enabled charge points, providing seamless remote operations, firmware updates, and dynamic load management with YoCharge’s user-friendly platform.

Optimize Fleet Electrification Costs with OCPP-Enabled Charge Point Management. Choose from a variety of OCPP-compliant charging points, utilize dynamic load management to avoid costly grid updates, and provide convenient home charging options for employees.

Expand Your Services with Ease – Integrate EV Charging into Your Portfolio Effortlessly. Benefit from OCPP Backend for Seamless Scaling, Reduced Grid Upgrades, and Cost-Effective Support and Maintenance

Optimize Costs with Dynamic Smart Tariffs and OCPP-Compliant EV Charging Management. YoCharge’s platform enables seamless integration of dynamic smart tariffs, helping your customers save on costs. Pairing it with OCPP’s dynamic load management ensures efficient grid investment and electricity utilization.

The Significance of an OCPP Software for Your EV Charging Venture

Flexible Hardware Integration
Seamlessly Combine Chargers from Various Vendors with OCPP Backend

Enhance Returns and Grid Stability with OCPP
Optimizing Power Allocation for Efficient EV Charging

Stay Ahead with Future-Proof EV Charging
Update Your Stations Seamlessly with YoCharge’s OCPP Software

Cutting Costs with Real-Time Monitoring
Optimize Maintenance with YoCharge’s OCPP Software

Maximize Revenue Potential
Offer Flexible Access, Smart Pricing, and Dynamic Charging Options

Advanced Features
Advanced features and functions that elevate user experience


Download OCPP guide | EV Resources | OCPP Software

A Complete guide on OCPP

Thanks to OCPP, this industry has achieved a cohesive, interoperable and efficient infrastructure for managing EV charging. In this ebook, we’ll help you understand all about the Open Charge Point Protocol & OCPP Software Features.

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OCPP Software FAQ’s

OCPP software is a system that complies with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and is designed to manage and communicate with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. It enables charge point operators to remotely monitor, control, and optimize charging operations across multiple locations from a centralized platform.

OCPP software is essential for efficient management, real-time monitoring, and seamless integration of EV charging services into various business operations.

An OCPP backend is crucial for your EV charging business due to its compatibility with various charge point manufacturers, cost-efficiency, streamlined network management, and the ability to integrate new features easily.

The benefits of an EV Software for CPMs mainly depends on their preferred business model. In the most common scenarios the benefit includes; they can integrate their hardware with softwares providing customers enhanced accessibility; they can also focus on improving their hardware performance with real-time data and analytics.

OCPP is used to establish a standardized communication protocol between Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations and central management systems. By adopting OCPP, charge point operators can seamlessly integrate various charging stations into their network, regardless of the manufacturer, and manage them efficiently from a centralized platform.

It enables interoperability, remote monitoring, control, and data exchange, making it easier for stakeholders to deploy and operate EV charging infrastructure effectively.

Using OCPP-compliant chargers offers several benefits. Firstly, it enables interoperability, allowing different charging stations and management software to communicate seamlessly. Secondly, it provides flexibility and future-proofing as new features and improvements can be easily added through the openness of the protocol. Lastly, OCPP compliance ensures compatibility with a wide range of charge point manufacturers, providing more options for building and scaling an EV charging network.

Continuous connectivity between charge points and the backend application is essential for OCPP compliance. Without a dedicated solution to maintain this connectivity, charge points cannot function, and providers cannot effectively manage their devices.

By choosing YoCharge’s platform, you ensure seamless integration and efficient management of charging stations, enabling you to scale your EV charging network and optimize your business operations.

YoCharge’s OCPP Software offers seamless integration with over 50+ leading charge point manufacturers. For more details, get in touch with our team of EV charging experts today.

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