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White Label EV Charging Software in Malaysia
EV Roaming

What is OCPI ?

The Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) protocol serves as an open standard roaming protocol that connects Mobility Services providers (eMSP), Energy Service Providers (ESP), Navigation Service Providers (NSP), and other stakeholders to Charge Point Operators (CPO). 

This streamlines roaming across charging networks, enabling EV operators to access multiple stations without managing numerous accounts. This enhances their ability to discover optimal charging choices.

EV Roaming

Data Exchange with OCPI – Checklist

OCPI enables the exchange of data and tokens concerning EV charging, fostering communication between diverse software systems

  • Charge point address and location details (including geographical coordinates)
  • Electric specifications of charge point hardware (current type, voltage, etc.)
  • Charge point status information (e.g., availability or usage)
  • Credential details for authenticating backend software systems (similar to passwords or tokens)
  • Remote commands for initiating and ending charging sessions
  • Historical data of charging sessions (such as Charging Detail Records or CDRs)
  • Tariff details (costs based on kWh, time of day, etc.)
White Label EV Charging Software in Malaysia
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OCPI and Roaming Protocols

Enabling Roaming Across EV Charging Networks

  • EV charging is a complex landscape involving various contributors like CPOs, EMSPs, and DSOs.
  • Simplifying electric car charging for users everywhere, whether at home, work, or public places.
  • We empower you to enhance your hardware offering with a future-proof EV Software.
  • Roaming protocols like OCPI enable this goal by allowing EV users to access chargers managed by one CPO through a different CPO or EMSP’s app.
  • Our backend system seamlessly integrates with other EV charging networks using OCPI, enabling YoCharge users to find and pay for YoCharge EV chargers.
  • We aim to collaborate with more networks, expanding convenience for EV users.
  • OCPI, overseen by the EVRoaming Foundation, facilitates this interoperability.

How YoCharge OCPI Software Modules benefits ?

The Open Charge Point Interface holds significant importance within the realm of electric vehicle (EV) charging for several compelling reasons.

Payment Processing Simplification
Resolves inconsistencies in payment systems by offering a universal language for CMS and diverse payment systems, ensuring seamless communication and interoperability.

Enhanced Interoperability
Fosters open dialogue among various charging networks and payment systems, streamlining driver experience and enabling the growth of efficient charging networks.

Scalability and Adaptability
OCPI’s flexibility accommodates industry evolution, new technologies, and changing market dynamics, ensuring long-term relevance and effectiveness.

User-Friendly Implementation
OCPI’s API-based approach makes it easily accessible for engineers, fostering competition, innovation, and cost reduction in the EV charging industry.

Global Standards
As an internationally recognized standard, OCPI establishes a consistent framework for EV charging systems, promoting compatibility and cooperation across regions.

Roaming Across Networks
OCPI enables cross-network roaming, allowing EV drivers to access multiple networks with a single account, promoting EV adoption and convenience

EV Charging Station Management Software Solutions for Charging Station Installers

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EV Roaming & OCPI FAQ’s

EV roaming refers to the ability of electric vehicle (EV) drivers to access and use charging stations across different charging networks, often using a single account or payment method. This interoperability allows EV drivers to charge their vehicles on various networks, making EV adoption more convenient and accessible.

EV roaming is facilitated by protocols like OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) that establish standardized communication between different charging networks and service providers.

The Open Charge Point Interface protocol is a scalable and automated EV roaming protocol for communication between MSPs and CPOs. It is managed by the EVRoaming Foundation. OCPI focuses on real-time communication between charge point operators. Its advantage lies in its simplicity, making it easy to implement and allowing for dynamic pricing and seamless roaming.

This protocol is free to use and independent. It can work both bilateral as well as in combination with roaming hubs.

The latest version to date is OCPI 2.2.1.

EV roaming is important for EV drivers because it allows them to seamlessly access and use charging stations across different networks and service providers using a single account or app. This eliminates the need to manage multiple accounts and apps for different charging networks, making the charging process more convenient and user-friendly. It also promotes the widespread adoption of electric vehicles by ensuring that drivers can easily find and use charging stations wherever they go, thus reducing range anxiety and encouraging EV usage.

Enabling EV drivers across various service providers to charge on diverse charge stations eliminates barriers, boosts EV adoption, and drives increased customer base for providers and transactions for owners. This fosters a transparent marketplace.

Open Charge Point Interface is utilized to foster seamless communication and interoperability among diverse charging networks and payment systems in the electric vehicle ecosystem. Its adoption ensures standardized data exchange, simplifies roaming for EV drivers, and promotes a more accessible and efficient charging experience across various service providers and regions.

OCPI is extensively utilized in Europe and the USA. Originating in the Netherlands, a pioneering nation in electric transport, OCPI gained traction through early adoption in the Dutch/Belgian region. Numerous countries now embrace OCPI, including (but not limited to) Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany, France, USA, Canada, India, South Africa, and more.

Each Charging Station is managed through OCPP based advanced EV Charging Platform. Now, to support ev roaming across different eMSP, this EV Charging Platform is enabled with certain advanced functionalities based on OCPI protocol. This added layer of software is called is OCPI software module and enables support for EV roaming.

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