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Features of EV Charging Software

An EV Ecosystem for your Charging Stations

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End-to-End solution

YoCharge is a complete-packed solution for establishing, maintaining, and overseeing EV charging infrastructure. It streamlines charger placement, access control, and performance optimization through real-time monitoring and remote diagnostics. It simplifies property integration, manages various chargers, integrates with renewable energy sources for sustainable charging, and manages transactions and payment reports. 

Additionally, our customer-centric approach includes a user-friendly mobile app for locating stations, checking availability, and accessing 24/7 support.

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White label

Customizations such as location pins, buttons, and background colours establish a unique brand identity for your service offerings. YoCharge ensures that both the mobile app and the back-end management portal align seamlessly with your brand. It guarantees the absence of any mention of the service provider in any documents or interfaces accessible to customers, promoting your brand to build customer loyalty and win B2B partnerships. 

With our white-label solution, businesses can quickly launch and scale their EV charging operations in just 7 days without the need to build everything from scratch.

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Hardware Agnostic

With hardware agnostics, YoCharge allows you to choose charging stations from different manufacturers, reducing costs and future-proofing your infrastructure. YoCharge ensures compatibility with multiple hardware providers and upcoming OCPP 2.0 standards, ensuring your charging network stays up-to-date. 

Hardware Agnostic is all about flexibility: no vendor lock-in, future-proofing with OCPP compliance, simplified installation and maintenance, and seamless integration with various charging station models.

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Payments & Invoicing

YoCharge simplifies payment processing with various methods such as subscription plans and flexible billing options. From global payment gateways to balance top-ups and vouchers, YoCharge offers a seamless billing experience for EV drivers.

With flexible tariffs, subscription plans, and alternative payment options such as Stripe, Paypal, Amazon Pay System (APS), Google Pay, Razorpay and more, YoCharge enables you to maximize revenue and provide the best experience for your customers.

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OCPP Compliant

YoCharge ensures OCPP compliance, enabling interoperability with various charging stations and networks. YoCharge specifically supports OCPP in versions 1.6j and 2.0.1.

We guarantee seamless integration, ongoing compatibility with OCPP standards, and dedicated support for your charging network. With OCPP, you can adjust EVs from different manufacturers, integrate with other networks, and ensure compatibility with future technologies.

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Load Management

Dynamic Load Management (DLM) ensures efficient and safe charging operations while minimizing strain on the grid. YoCharge allows you to manage power distribution dynamically with power limiting, priority charging, and integration with Building Management Systems (BMS).

Enjoy cost savings, increased efficiency, and best customer experience with DLM.

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Secured Operations

Security is crucial in EV charging management, and YoCharge ensures robust protection against cyber threats. We use the leading industry’s security standard AWS (Amazon Web Services) to safeguard your data and ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

Prioritize security, build trust with your customers, and ensure the reliability of your charging infrastructure with YoCharge.

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EV Roaming

YoCharge’s EV roaming feature offers access to a wide network of charging stations, eliminating range anxiety and providing increased charging options.

By connecting to different networks, EV roaming improves the charging experience for drivers while expanding your customer base. With real-time availability information and automated

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Integration with Renewable Power

Integrating renewable energy into YoCharge’s EV charging software promotes sustainability and reduces emissions. YoCharge enables eco-friendly charging options with features like Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), charging modes, and energy storage.

By utilizing renewable energy, you can reduce emissions, achieve grid independence, ensure grid stability, and even achieve cost savings in the long run. 

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Remote Management

YoCharge’s real-time monitoring and management feature provides instant insights into your charging stations, enabling proactive issue detection and remote troubleshooting.

With detailed transaction tracking and dynamic load management, We enable you to enhance operational efficiency, improve uptime, and reduce costs while making data-driven decisions for your charging network.

Must have features of EV Charging Software


Discover the top 10 features of YoCharge EV charging software in this comprehensive e-book. You will find an in-depth exploration of the innovative solutions that set YoCharge apart, from customizable branding to remote management.

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