Payment Gateway Integrated by YoCharge

Custom Payment Gateways

Seamlessly connect to your preferred payment gateway on your EV Charging Business, effortlessly managing diverse billing choices for clients and partners

Your Charging Solution Your Payment Gateway

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Payments & Billing in EV Charging: Streamlined and Convenient

Effortless and efficient payment solutions are essential for a seamless EV charging experience. Discover how YoCharge’s comprehensive Payments & Billing services take the complexity out of settling charging costs.

With a special focus on EV Charging Software integrated with Custom Payment Gateways, we bring you a tailored approach that ensures secure transactions and a user-friendly process.

Elevate your Earnings

Increase your earnings through our adaptable Payment and Billing Management System

Integrate your custom payment gateway to receive payments through your preferred channels and integrate billing & invoicing on your ERP Systems

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How YoCharge Payment & Billing Works?

Effortlessly handle EV driver receipts and optimize partner and site host billing processes

Choose Your Payment Gateway

Seamlessly integrate established payment gateways like Razorpay, Paypal and Stripe, or easily set up a custom-integrated payment gateway

Signup with your preffered PG

Our support team helps you signup on your payment partner and then integrates the payment solution into your charging apps.

Automate Billing

Streamline billing operations by automating the issuance of receipts and generating comprehensive partner settlement reports.

Payment Gateway Integrated by YoCharge

FAQ on Payments & Billing

YoCharge is an EV charging platform that is hardware-agnostic and fully supports custom payment gateway integration as per client requirement.

It usually takes about 7-10 working days.

To book a free demo with the YoCharge team, and understand our process just click below and fill in the required details. On receiving your details our team will connect with you and understand your requirement & come-up with best suitable solution. 

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