EV Charging API as a Service

Create a custom EV charging solution with YoCharge EV Charging API. Focus on your customers and products while we handle the rest.

YoCharge EV Charging API | Rest Api for charging

Rest API – Driven EV Charging Integration

Seamlessly Enhance Your Business with Bespoke Solutions

Empower Your E-Mobility Solutions with YoCharge’s EV Charging API

Seamlessly integrate EV charging into your existing app or web portal, or create custom customer-facing interfaces that align perfectly with user expectations using our flexible API.

Leverage YoCharge API for unlimited possibilities. Customize functionalities to cater to unique business needs and gain a competitive edge.

Enrich your current ERP and CRM systems with essential EV charging data through YoCharge API. Seamlessly integrate your default billing and payment systems for streamlined operations in your EV charging subsidiary.

Efficiently scale your existing EV charging services with YoCharge API’s flexibility and performance focus. Our continuous R&D keeps you equipped to compete in the dynamic global EV market.

Efficiently transfer information between systems to utilize existing infrastructure, OCPP, & OCPI for a faster go-live, reducing deployment time from months to weeks.

White-label EV Charging Platform for Charge Point Manufacturer & OEM

3rd Party Integrations

Leverage YoCharge’s versatile and expandable API to seamlessly integrate crucial EV charging data into your existing systems (ERP, CRM, billing, etc.), tailored to your specific business requirements.

Custom Solutions

Harness the power of customization with the YoCharge EV Charging API, allowing you to create bespoke features that cater to your specific use cases and deliver exceptional value to your customers.

White-label EV Charging Platform for Charge Point Manufacturer & OEM

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Charging API FAQ’s

An Application Programming Interface (API) serves as a bridge between computers, allowing them to communicate effectively. In the context of an EV charging API, its primary purpose is to facilitate data exchange and enable the receipt and transmission of charging commands to initiate or terminate charging sessions.

Certainly, you have the flexibility to authorize your partners, such as site hosts, fleets, sub operators, and other B2B customers, to access our platform and utilize our API. This streamlined integration enables them to seamlessly incorporate EV charging services into their operations.

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to integrate your own solutions even though YoCharge offers a mobile app and web portal with various built-in features. With our versatile API, you can develop or incorporate a customized customer-facing interface tailored to your unique needs.

Yes, you can build on top of our off-the-shelf functionalities. YoCharge’s platform provides a solid foundation that allows you to extend and customize the existing features to suit your specific requirements and business needs.

EV CMS is a comprehensive EV Charging software Suite designed for Charge Point Operators (CPOs) to efficiently manage their Electric Vehicle charging stations across various locations from a unified platform. It empowers CPOs with real-time monitoring and optimization tools, facilitating business growth and seamless scalability of charging operations.

Electric vehicle monitoring enables the assessment of both fleet and individual vehicle’s state of charge, helping alleviate charge anxiety. Additionally, the data collected includes route and schedule information, providing valuable insights for optimizing charging patterns and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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