White Label EV Charging Software

White Label EV Charging Software

Customised White Label EV Charging Software

Launch, Operate & Scale your Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business


White Label EV Charging Software

You can launch your own custom branded charging station with your logo & website.

White Label EV Charging Software

End to End Solution

End to End Solution Including remote operation & hardware trouble-shooting

White Label EV Charging Software

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of your EV Chargers

White Label EV Charging Software

Mobile Application

Custom mobile application for your customers.

White Label EV Charging Software


Compliant with OCCP 1.6

EV Charging Software

Payment & Invoicing

Automated invoice to your customers on your brand. Consolidated accounting.

EV Charging Software


Data Security, Privacy & Secured Operations.

EV Charging Software

Load Management

Intelligent Load Management including Contract & Billing Demand monitoring.

EV Charging Software

Renewable Power

Integration with renewable power sources like solar & wind.(1)

EV Charging Software

EV Roaming

Cross Platform visibility to increase your business.

Your Business, Your Brand

Scale your EV charging business with our white label EV charging software. Our white label ev charging platform (saas) is ideal for those businesses who want scalable branded solutions with a quick return on investment. Leverage the power of our smart white label EV charging solution features and hassle-free manage, monitor and track the entire business process. Accelerate your EV charging network by just paying a one-time fee and monthly subscription.

White Label EV Charging Software

White label turnkey solutions- Launch your brand in 7 days!

YoCharge provides smart EV charging business solutions and technologies to monetise EV infrastructure. You own a charging station/stations and want to accelerate EV charging business as your brand name. Moreover, YoCharge helps you set your EV charging network management hassle-free with personalised branding and customisation features. Say goodbye to the software development struggle. Streamline your personalised and customised EV charging business journey with us in just seven days.

Leverage the power of our white label EV charging software expertise to launch your EV Charging business network. Our proven EV software platform and unique features will help you deliver a premium user experience. Launch your EV business as a unique brand with Yocharge software-as-a-service (SaaS) and yield a faster return on investment. Also, get backup of 24*7 support service. 

  • Effortless

Our feature-rich white label SaaS helps remove the learning curve.

  • Your Brand

Increase brand presence and brand awareness by providing seamless software to EV users.

  • Cost-savings: 

Our intelligent dashboard and programmatic hardware certification increases uptime, reduces operational cost, and helps businesses gain visibility.

White Label EV charging software – Customisation for your EV charging business

Get a consistent customer experience by customising your business/app with your branding colours. Here we have explained in 3 easy steps:

  • Your Brand requirements: 

Provide your brand assets and needs, and we will implement them into your brand.

  • The right solution

Choose the preferred charging station solution as per business requirements.

  • Comprehensive training 

We will provide thorough training to your team for detailed understanding.

Benefits of White Label EV Charging Software Solution – YoCharge

Scale fast and ubiquitously

EV adoption is scaling globally, and thus it makes the EV market attractive. As EV sales surge, the dire need for charging infrastructure is soaring. However, along with the demand for infrastructure, businesses are looking for a platform with proven scalability at all levels: charger management, automated billing and transaction processing, language and currency support, EV driver-friendly application, software architecture etc., make your brand name with us and scale fast in the growing EV world.

Facilitate a seamless charging experience under your brand name

Based on driver experience, the EV charging business fails or succeeds. Driver satisfaction starts with operating and understanding reliable EV charging infrastructure. The white label EV charging software comes with customised features and maximises charger uptime. Basically, it also comes with a guided problem-solving feature for onsite technicians. Therefore, automating everything and reducing extra manual costs.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

By branding your EV charging business, you can build brand awareness in the marketplace for your services and scale your business. Brand visibility helps you add customers for your EV charging services, boosting your revenues. YoCharge white label saas solutions make your business hassle-free. If you own a charging station and want a white label software solution or app, look for features like real-time charger location and availability, the ability to make reservations, route planning and navigation, easy payment and charging track management.

Reduce the cost and hassle of software development on your own

Certainly, the key components to remember while choosing white label charging management software are smart EV charging and smart energy management. Look for features like load management, balanced energy use among chargers, time-of-use pricing, incorporating local storage etc. It should flatten the demand curve, reduce costs, and avoid costly grid upgrades.

Future proof your EV business

The EV charging software provider is liable to maintain and upgrade the EV charging software platform as per industry standards and protocols. Look for white label EV charging platform providers committed to technology advancement and innovation and thus help your company sustain success as the industry matures.

Tips to Choose White Label EV Charging Software?

Select a EV charging software solution provider in India that meets the following factors and fits your business needs.

  • Work on understanding the business needs and evaluate the infrastructure and capabilities you want from your software. Moreover, consider the facility size and number of charging stations you want to list in the software. Consider special requirements as per your business needs and do thorough research on providers who offer the best features and which match your business plan.
  • Cost consideration is another crucial criteria, and make sure it fits your budget and offers an excellent return on investment.
  • Consider customer reviews and get feedback from businesses that have implemented solutions in their business. Evaluating real-world experience is the utmost priority.
  • Lastly, closely evaluate all the above factors and select the right white label EV charging software solution for your business.

Check our customised white label EV charging software solutions and learn more from our experts.

Your branded EV charging network, Our seamless White Label EV Charging Software Services

YoCharge has gained prominence for its Intelligent Charging Station Management Technology Platform that aids in quickly monetising your EV Charging Infrastructure. Setting up your own charging network has become effortless with the support of our Software Platform.

Grow your business while we handle the technology with our White Label EV Charging Software as a Service (CMS-SaaS). Our focus on development allows us to specialise, optimise operations, and provide a better charging experience for EV users at lower costs.

Why Choose YoCharge White Label EV Charging Management Software Solutions?

Own a charging station in India but want to figure out how to accelerate EV charging business with your unique brand presence. Launch your EV charging business with customised branding and stand out in the fast-growing EV market. Go live in 7 days with your brand as EV charging company with YoCharge. Our white label EV charging software frees you to focus on differentiating your services and developing a competitive edge. Now focus on providing a seamless EV charging experience to EV drivers with our smart customised solutions.

Your Charging Station + Our Software = Your Brand

White Label EV Charging Software

FAQ’S – White Label EV Charging Software

1. What is White Label EV Charging CMS?

White label CMS service modifies the login page and adds your logos and background images to make it more brand specific, and you can even control the CSS if you wish. Read more

2. What is a White Label EV Charging Platform?

Your EV Business, Your EV Brand
White label EV charging management is a software which enables charging station owners to manage single/multiple charging stations seamlessly as one network under their brand name. Your customers can quickly recognise your brand through your presence on screen, making your business more trustworthy and efficient. YoCharge white label EV charging platform provides all features necessary to match your business needs and help you to focus on the core business activities.

3. Who can use White Label EV Charging CMS?

For a range of organisations, from private companies to public utility branding, EV charging service is valuable for all types of businesses. YoCharge develops customised white-label EV CMS as per customers’ business needs.
– CPOs
– Fleet operators 
– Utilities
– Logistics
– Government
– Businesses

4. What are the benefits of White Label EV Charging CMS ?

The EV charging industry is still nascent, and now is the time to make your brand presence and win hearts. Promote your EV brand with YC white label software.

Here are the benefits of White label CMS:
– Monetize your EV brand
– Foster customer loyalty
– Save software development cost and time
– Get future-proof software 
– Speed up business
– Streamline market entrance
– Scale your business

Win customer loyalty
When your company name is represented on your white label software, the clients and EV drivers take it as trustworthy and reliable. This credibility leads to rapid business expansion and mouth publicity.

Cost efficient –
The white label EV charging software solution reduces your initial investment and saves money over time. You don’t need to hire in-house developers to build a software suite to balance ongoing support for the apps.

Streamline business and market entrance –
Streamline your business and understand the market with our white label software solution. You can complete customisation, app deployment, and onboarding training within a decided time.

Build brand value –
Build your brand value by taking your business to new heights and giving it a touch of proper branding with white label CMS.

5. Why does my business need a White Label EV Charging Mobile App?

The demand curve of the EV charging business is high, which calls for seamless tracking and monitoring solutions for EV users and operators. The boom in the digital world has made technology easily accessible. Through a smart mobile app, an EV driver can connect to the EV charging network effortlessly and an operator can keep track of multiple charging stations hassle-free. The white label EV charging software customises and promotes your brand loyalty, resulting in a quick return on investment.  

Top reasons why your business needs a white label EV charging mobile app:

– Secure charge point operation for your EV users
– Brand loyalty 
– Easy Geolocation spot for EV users through map
– Remote management of EV charging stations
– Pricing control
– Real-time charging monitoring and charger availability status record
– Route planner and manage RFID cards
– Secured Payment gateways for a safe transaction

6. What does YoCharge white label EV charging software solution contain?

YoCharge white label EV software solution consists of a customised brand-specific mobile application for users, an intelligent dashboard which helps operators manage multiple EV charging stations effortlessly, and customisation as per brand guidelines.

7. Is EV charging software OCPP compliant?

YoCharge White label EV charging software is OCPP Complaint.

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