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ISO 15118 and Plug & Charge

ISO 15118 is an international standard that defines communication protocols between electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations.

It enables features like Plug & Charge, where the vehicle and charger communicate securely and automatically authenticate, authorize, and facilitate payments, enhancing the user experience and simplifying the EV charging process.

Say goodbye to complexity and hello to effortless EV charging with Plug & Charge.

Accelerating EV Adoption with ISO 15118

Discover the Significance of ISO 15118 in Boosting EV Adoption

Simplified Charging Experience

ISO 15118 plays a pivotal role in streamlining the customer charging experience by seamlessly connecting and securing hardware, software, and communication layers.

Comprehensive Coverage

Completely customisable white-labelled android & iOS mobile application for your EV users. By simplifying the complexities that operate behind the scenes, ISO 15118 ensures effortless charging for EV users.

Empowering EV Adoption

ISO 15118 contributes significantly to the acceleration of EV adoption by making charging user-friendly and efficient. Embrace the power of ISO 15118 to propel the electric vehicle revolution forward.

What does EV Business need Plug & Charge ?

ISO 15118 compliance is the key to future proofing eMobility networks, crafting frictionless experiences for customers. It aligns with operational excellence, efficient energy management, and elevated security, forging a path to a dynamic and sustainable eMobility landscape.

Launch, Operate & Scale your Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business
Plug & Charge | ISO 15118
Plug & Charge: Simplify Your EV Charging Experience

Experience EV charging like never before – just like plugging in your phone!

Plug & Charge revolutionizes the way you charge your electric vehicle by automating communication and billing processes between your vehicle and the charging station. No more hassle with external identification methods like RFID cards, credit cards, or apps.

Enjoy seamless, secure, and convenient charging that adheres to the highest IT security standards. This groundbreaking technology is made possible by the ISO standard 15118, which defines the essential interfaces for this smart charging innovation. 

Unlocking the Future of eMobility

ISO 15118 is a pivotal standard revolutionizing the realm of EV charging. Embracing ISO 15118-compliant EV charging management solutions brings forth a host of transformative benefits. These solutions empower eMobility providers to excel in five essential domains:

Achieve a harmonious balance between EV charging energy needs and grid capacity. Smart charging intelligently allocates power across individual charge points, sites, campuses, and the grid, alleviating grid strain during peak demand.

Foster bi-directional energy flow between vehicles and the grid for grid capacity optimization. V2G reduces grid stress by enabling vehicles to replenish the grid during low demand, ensuring readiness when drivers require it.

Establish robust encryption measures for secure communication between vehicles and charging infrastructure, safeguarding sensitive data

Seamlessly authorize and identify vehicles for charging without driver intervention, streamlining the charging process.

Elevate driver convenience by simplifying the charging journey—connectivity with the infrastructure is all it takes.

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FAQ’s on Plug & Charge

An EV Charging platform helps EV charging service providers to manage all the aspects of charging and optimize EV charging network operations seamlessly. The CMS also delivers an exceptional charging experience to its users and monetizes their business by generating extra revenue.

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