Amazon India partners with TVS for electric vehicles

Amazon India partners with TVS Motor Company has been launched with the goal of advancing connected services, electric infrastructure, and electric mobility. A fleet of electric two- and three-wheelers from TVS Motor will be used for Amazon’s last-mile deliveries as part of this partnership.

As Amazon India partners with TVS, it will also collaborate to look at EV use cases for different Amazon business units for its network and logistics needs. The two businesses will test TVS Motors’ electric car solutions through their partner network and delivery partners all throughout India. For the business-to-business (B2B) market, TVS Motor is ready with electric two-wheeler and three-wheeler product options, as well as an ecosystem of linked services and alternative ownership.

Amazon India partners with TVS
Image credits : The Economic Times

By 2025, 10,000 electric vehicles would be a part of Amazon India’s delivery fleet, the company declared in 2020. In addition to Amazon’s global promise of 100,000 EVs by 2030, these vehicles will be introduced. Amazon India’s success in the e-mobility sector and toward attaining its net-zero carbon targets is facilitated by the partnership with TVS Motor Company.

This collaboration is also consistent with TVS Motor’s statements that it wants to provide electric vehicles in all market sectors, including delivery, commuter, and premium. Over the course of eight quarters, TVS Motor Company will launch a comprehensive lineup of electric two- and three-wheelers on local and foreign markets.

Abhinav Singh, Director, Customer Fulfilment, Supply Chain and Global Specialty Fulfilment, Amazon India said”This will support our supply chain in minimising the environmental impact of our operations and contribute to Amazon India’s goal of inducting 10,000 EVs into our fleet by 2025.”

TVS to launch multiple EV platforms

TVS Motor is placing a significant commitment on the electric vehicle market, putting up a variety of models across different EV platforms in the two-wheeler and three-wheeler categories. The company just introduced the improved iQube e-scooter, which has clocked in at over 15,000 orders, and is now focusing its efforts on a number of additional platforms for upcoming EV launches.

“We will launch electric vehicles in the 5-25 kilo watt hour range,” said company MD Sudarshan Venu. These vehicles will be in the category of two-wheelers and three-wheelers.

The company is also working with BMW Motorrad to build an electric two-wheeler platform that uses less than 15 kilowatt hours. A luxury global product called an electric superbike is being developed by TVS subsidiary Norton. This is a part of Norton’s intentions to build electric motorcycles in the UK after receiving sizeable funding from the Advanced Propulsion Center program of the UK government.

In FY21–22, TVS sold more than 10,700 iQube electric vehicles. TVS also intends to exploit its recent purchases of Swiss E-Mobility Group and EGO Movement in Europe to enter the continent’s rapidly expanding e-mobility sector, which is the largest outside of China.

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