Ultraviolette F77 electric bike bookings open

The battery pack that will power the future F77 electric bike was recently presented by Bengaluru-based firm Ultraviolette Automotive. Customers who are interested in getting their hands on an electric bike can reserve one online by paying Rs 10,000. Pre-bookings for the electric bike have already begun. The electric motorcycle is scheduled to debut on November 24 of this year, and Ultraviolette expects to sell it for between Rs 3 and Rs 4 lakh.

The new frame is two times stiffer than the old frame, and the business added when referring to the electric bike that the entire structure of the bike was modified to integrate the new battery pack, which is now fixed and heavier than before. A refining step-down transmission has been added to the F77 electric bike for improved durability and quieter operation. The swingarm on the bike has also been changed; the previous swingarm was a machined component.

A mono-shock and a Pre-load adjustable USD fork have also been added to the bike. As previously announced, the electric bike will have three levels of regenerative braking and riding modes that will alter its performance and range. Regarding the new battery pack, it is fixed, bigger, and contains more lithium-ion cells. According to the manufacturer, the choice to use a fixed battery pack was made to extend the bike’s range.

The battery size of the F77 is the largest of any electric two-wheeler in India because it now uses 21,700 lithium-ion cells instead of the 18,650 cells in the prototype. This corresponds to an useful capacity of 10.5kWh. As previously indicated, the battery is now fixed, and the cells are encased in an aluminum container, adding a substantial 50 kilograms to its weight.

The motorcycle now claims the longest stated range of any electric two-wheeler in India, at 307 kilometers. Additional details on the company’s different charging alternatives and infrastructure, which will be disclosed during the launch. The business will launch its first experience center in Bengaluru and expand to additional cities over the following 12 months. The business claims it has more than 70,000 reservations from 190 nations and it also intends to start exporting to other markets in the following 24 months.

Toyota to produce electric car powered by BYD batteries in China

Toyota Motor Corp recently announced the launch of a small electric sedan, which will be powered by BYD Co batteries and will be produced and will be eventually marketed in China. The vehicle will be known as the Toyota bZ3, according to the Japanese carmaker.

The availability of the vehicle in showrooms was not specified. It is the second model in Toyota’s new Beyond Zero (bZ) line of battery-electric vehicles(BEVs). The COVID-19 outbreak forced Toyota to postpone its scheduled April unveiling of the bZ3, which uses BYD’s smaller Blade batteries, at the Beijing Auto Show. The car was developed in partnership by Toyota and BYD

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