MG to launch E230 Wuling Air EV in India Market

India’s market for electric vehicles is expanding quickly, and many ICE manufacturers are considering making the switch. Since there aren’t many options for affordable electric cars on the market, MG Motor is getting ready to introduce its compact, affordable electric car to the Indian market the following year. Let us discuss about the MG’s new electric car in detail.

MG’s new Rs 10 lakh electric car Air EV revealed

The company is launching its new entry-level electric vehicle for the Indian market, which is based on the Wuling Air EV, in response to the ZS EV’s amazing success in the Indian E4W market. For its upcoming model, the company has also begun conducting road tests. Then, only recently, Gujarat and other cities were spotted testing MG’s new Micro Electric car.

This MG compact electric vehicle has a range of 150 kilometers on a single charge owing to its 40 horsepower electric motor and 20 to 25 kWH battery. The Wuling models will serve as the basis for MG’s entry-level EV. The E230, a new, relatively affordable electric vehicle from MG, will be based on Wuling’s Air EV. The Global Small Electric Vehicle (GSEV) platform from Wuling provides the foundation for the E230.

Despite its compact size, it is expected that the MG EV will have a boxy shape to maximize interior space. This will increase its mobility in urban places without compromising its effectiveness. The compact size would also aid MG in controlling the weight of the EVS, enhancing the driving range. For comparison, the Wuling Air EV is under 3 meters long  but can still accommodate 4 people.

It will be shorter than the Maruti Alto and have a wheelbase of 2010 mm because it is built on the GSEV platform. Moreover, a two-door body style will be included. MG Motor hopes to have an impact on even India’s congested urban centers like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. through its compact model.

The compact and least expensive electric vehicle from MG Motor is anticipated to start at Rs 10 lakhs and will make its Indian debut at the upcoming Auto Expo 2023.

MG Motor Entry-Level EV Features:

1.On a single charge, it will have a 150 km range.
2.It will be equipped with a 20–25kWH battery and a 40bhp electric motor.
3.A two-door body style with a variety of additional features, including a big touch screen, a digital instrument panel, and extra connectivity options.
4.LFP cylindrical cells, a kind of lithium-ion battery that can charge and discharge more quickly than other sorts of batteries, will be used in the upcoming MG EV. These LFP Cylindrical cells are comparable to Tata Nexon EVs since they are affordable, dependable, and better suited to Indian circumstances.

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