How to Charge your Tata Tiago EV


On 28th September 2022, Tata Passenger Mobility has launched the Tata Tiago EV Car, as the most affordable EV Car in India.  Tata Motors had announced the launch of the EV on World EV Day 2022 and promoted the car as India’s most affordable electric vehicle to make its formal debut on Indian roads.  The Tata Tiago model has a set of features as mentioned by its company which includes, that it will additionally include a cruise option in addition to one pedal technology. The second feature will give drivers the option of a 4-level (0-1-2-3) of powerful “regenerative braking” that will aid in keeping the electric car’s charge.

The car comes with two variants, the first with 45KW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor that provides 110Nm Torque, with a battery pack of 19.2 Units. The second variant has 55KW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor that will generate a Torque of 114 Nm, along with a supporting battery pack of 24 Units.

Tata Tiago EV Charging:

As per information, the Tata Tiago EV will come with an on-board charger of 6KW and have multiple options for Chargers including purchasing an additional 3.3 KW or 7.2 KW Charger with the car. The users can also get Smart Charging Options from YoCharge that allows user to share the Charger with community, get real-time data analytics & other smart functions.


Based on the battery pack size variation, the EV will have an estimated range of about 250KMs or 315 KMs.

Tata Tiago EV Prices:

Battery PackCharging OptionVariantPrice (in Lacs)
19.2 KWh3.3 KW ACXE8.49
19.2 KWh3.3 KW ACXT9.09
24 KWh3.3 KW ACXT9.99
24 KWh3.3 KW ACXZ+10.79
24 KWh3.3 KW ACXZ+ Tec Lux11.29
24 KWh7.2 KW ACXZ+11.29
24 KWh7.2 KW ACXZ+ Tec Lux11.79

Booking & Delivery:

As per company announcement, the bookings for Tata Tiago EV will begin from 10th October 2022 and delivery is estimated to start from January 2023.

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