YoCharge partners With ‘Shoonya’ Zero Pollution Mobility Campaign by Niti Aayog & RMI India

NITI Aayog, RMI and RMI India had launched the Shoonya campaign to promote zero-pollution mobility across the nation. The campaign aims to promote the use of electric vehicles (EVs) for deliveries and rides through a corporate branding program and EV awareness drive.

The “Shoonya — Zero Pollution Mobility” campaign promotes the use of EVs for urban deliveries and ride-hailing. Shoonya, meaning “zero” in Sanskrit language, implies the beginning and origination of possibilities. Inspired by this connotation, the Shoonya campaign plans to revolutionise the transport sector with a radical and urgent transition to zero-emission vehicles.

In February 2022, YoCharge joined hands with “Shoonya Campaign” with a vision to provide enabling infrastructure to help businesses transition to electric mobility. The company aims to create a network of charging stations to eliminate range limitations on electric vehicle usage in India. With Shoonya, YoCharge’s intention is go beyond zero emissions and ensure not just e-mobility but green mobility by using electricity from renewable sources.

To accelerate the transition to electric mobility, YoCharge is not just limiting itself to creating charging network but is also engaging with local fleet operators & last-mile delivery operators, empowering them & building a ecosystem.

In addition to the consumer awareness drive, the Shoonya campaign also incorporates a corporate branding program, through which deliveries, rides, associated vehicles, and infrastructure are branded with the Shoonya logo. YoCharge is now part of this branding program which also includes more than 80 corporate partners including leading e-commerce companies, ride-hailing companies, vehicle manufacturers, fleet aggregators and other EV Charging companies.

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