Shoonya to electrify the urban mobility in India – What is it and why is it important

The 21st-century world is made to make a more accessible and better place. The change is happening worldwide, including India – the second most populous nation in the world. These vehicles did not just deliver the goods, but they also released carbon dioxide into the air. These vehicle services contribute to the release of the greenhouse gases that deplete the ozone layer and affect the lives of city dwellers and rural areas, and fuel carbon dioxide. 

Also, the fuel burned to deliver the goods comes with a cost – including a financial cost that needs to be paid off. However, problems of such sort can be solved with the latest technology. One such example of such a campaign in India is the NITI Aayog, RMI, and RMI India. The campaign has already mobilized around 40 leading players in the e-commerce industry that targets food, grocery, and product delivery, vehicle manufacturers, charging infrastructure providers, and mobility aggregators. 

Inspired by the Sanskrit word for zero, ‘Shoonya’ campaign aim to improve and electrify the delivery industry by providing a special credit label for electric delivery services. By doing so, the Shoonya brand aims to make the consumers and users aware of the ongoing problem with the delivery industry and helps e-commerce differentiate itself better from its competitors. 

This offer can help accelerate more and more fleets into electricity-powered vehicles. Shoonya campaign aims to improve the quality of the air by accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles in the mainstream e-commerce delivery industry. 

The word ‘Shoonya’ (meaning zero in English) implies the possibility of new beginnings. The company draws inspiration from the meaning and plans to revolutionize the mobility industry by deploying zero-emission vehicles and fueling urgent transition. 

Features of Shoonya campaign 

To deploy and make zero-emission vehicles the ‘it’ thing in India, Shoonya works in multiple ways to make an easier and more urgent transition. 

  1. The Corporate Branding Program: The corporate branding program initiated by the company glorifies the business partners’ efforts that help promote the electrification of vehicles. Under this program, the delivery and ride partners are branded with the Shoonya logo. The EV vehicles have the Shoonya sticker, and the delivery person wears a Shoonya badge. 
  2. Consumer awareness drive: The awareness drive by Shoonya highlights the benefit of adopting EV. This campaign brings awareness and demands a zero-emission delivery and ride system, which solidifies the purpose of Shoonya in every household. 
  3. Resource toolkit: The resource toolkit is for consumers who want to know more about EV, especially those who are interested in adopting EV. It includes the cost and impact of the EV adaption by means of – 
    1. Impact tracking dashboard that shares the progress and the impact of the campaign 
    2. A calculator that helps to assess the cost of the emissions between petrol and the EV, with CNG counterparts 
    3. Financial resources include government subsidies and incentives for those who procure EVs. 

Why is Shoonya important for EV adaption towards a zero-emission society? 

The e-commerce delivery and ride that transports people and goods from one place to another is becoming more integral in the urban economy. With the growing population, urbanization, and increasing use of e-commerce services, urban freight has also exponentially increased. The growing transportation needs of India have also alarmed the danger of increasing pollutants in the atmosphere. Moreover, the conventional internal combustion engine is more expensive, polluting, and unhealthy. Zero-emission transport is an opportunity to make progress towards a more connected economy without harming the environment. 

  • Improved quality of air: EVs emit nanoparticle matter and nitrogen oxide. 
  • Better public health: Adopting electric fleets that reduce harmful vehicle emissions that cause respiratory ailments 
  • Better for the environment: Fewer pollutants would mean a better environment 
  • Cost-saving: By eliminating the use of fuel, EV helps to save costs in the long term. 

Why choose Shoonya? 

With every Shoonya ride or delivery you choose, you also become part of the solution! It delivers food, parcel, and posts with ease, without any significant emissions, and improves fuel savings. 

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