Top 10 Reasons You Should Switch to an EV

Top 10 Reasons You Should Switch to an EV

Why switch to an EV? Every day, we hear news about electric cars or vehicles like several state governments in India introducing EV Policies to promote electric vehicle adoption, Uber introducing EV Fleet, etc. Moreover, countries worldwide are implementing measures to facilitate vehicle electrification.

So have you wondered why there is a tremendous buzz surrounding electric vehicles? It is because they are paving the way towards a greener and more sustainable future, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, and offering numerous other benefits. Let us help you discover the countless benefits you can enjoy if you buy an electric vehicle:

1. If you switch to an EV then you switch to a greener option

The environmental impact of electric vehicles is significantly lower compared to traditional gasoline vehicles. Unlike conventional vehicles, they do not emit tailpipe emissions or greenhouse gases (GHGs), making them a much cleaner option.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Switch to an EV

Greenhouse gases directly contribute to global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer, and also increase the complications of lung and respiratory disorders. According to Indian Express, gasoline vehicles are responsible for approximately 27% of air pollution, leading to the premature deaths of 2 million Indians annually. The lower carbon footprint of electric vehicles is a critical factor in creating a greener and more sustainable transportation system.

2. Low running costs

Fossil fuel prices are increasing daily, requiring you to spend a minimum of Rs. 9 per km on petrol and Rs. 6 on diesel when purchasing a gasoline car. With a daily distance of 15km, running your petrol car would cost an average of Rs. 4000 per month, while diesel would cost Rs. 3000.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Switch to an EV

However, from reports from News 18 opting for an electric car enables you to conveniently recharge using EV chargers at home or EV charging stations, with an average cost of less than Rs.1 per km for EV charging. Consequently, the average running cost of an electric car for a 15 km drive each day amounts to Rs. 400, resulting in savings of nearly Rs. 3000 on your running costs.

3. Various tax benefits and incentives

The reports from the Ministry of Heavy Industries state that India is said to have a current fleet of nearly 14 lakh electric vehicles (EVs), and has set ambitious goals to have at least 30% of vehicles on its roads to be electric by 2030, as part of its Net-Zero emissions objectives. To facilitate this transition and incentivize EV adoption, the Indian government has implemented a range of EV tax benefits:

  • FAME-II Program: Four-wheeler EVs receive up to Rs 1.5 lakh subsidy, two-wheelers up to 40%.
  • Reduced GST: EV GST was lowered from 12% to 5% for affordability and competitiveness.
  • Lower Custom Duty: Lithium battery duty was reduced from 21% to 13% to boost EV demand.
  • Exemption of Registration Fees: MoRTH exempts EVs from registration fees.
  • State Government Incentives: States offer subsidies, low tax on electric vehicles, and infrastructure development to promote EV adoption.

4. Lowers noise pollution

Conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) generate more noise and have more moving parts compared to electric vehicles (EVs). In highly congested urban areas, this contributes to noise pollution, which can lead to issues like Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), anxiety, stress, and high blood pressure. On the other hand, EVs produce minimal noise, primarily at high speeds due to wind or tire sounds. To address safety concerns, artificial noises are added to EVs to alert pedestrians and other drivers.

5. Low maintenance costs

So why switch to EV? If you switch to an electric car, you can enjoy lower maintenance costs. EVs have fewer moving parts, so they require less fluid and fewer filters compared to traditional vehicles, making maintenance easier. The implementation of regenerative braking in EVs also means that the brake system is less likely to wear out. Furthermore, batteries used in electric cars are designed to last longer, providing you with reliable performance over time.

6. Conveniently charge at your home

Top 10 Reasons You Should Switch to an EV

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer the convenience of charging at home using your own EV chargers at home. To reduce the cost to charge electric car at home, consider integrating your EV home charger with a renewable energy source like solar power. While the initial investment may be higher, it proves to be profitable in the long run, and the government provides subsidies for installing solar panels at home. By installing an AC EV charger at your residence, you eliminate the need to wait at busy petrol stations. Simply charge your EV overnight, and it will be ready for the day ahead.

7. Easier to drive

Electric vehicles (EVs) are easier to drive because they have a simpler transmission system. Unlike gasoline vehicles that require multiple gears for different driving conditions, EVs typically use a single-speed transmission or no transmission at all. This means you don’t have to worry about shifting gears, making driving an EV much easier.

One of the major benefits of using electric vehicles is that they have additional features that make them user-friendly. For example, regenerative braking automatically recharges the battery when you slow down or brake, saving energy and reducing the need for traditional braking. EVs also come with advanced safety features and driver assistance technologies, making them a safe and convenient choice for drivers.

8. Instant torque generation

Are you still curious about why you should switch to an EV? Well, one of the significant benefits of EV cars includes instant torque generation. The instant and high torque produced by an electric vehicle distinguishes it from traditional vehicles. When you accelerate, the electric car’s motor immediately sends power to the wheels, allowing you to start your EV without any delay. This is in contrast to conventional ICE engines, which exhibit a delayed response time.

9. It gives you more space

Top 10 Reasons You Should Switch to an EV

EVs are roomier than ICE vehicles because they have a smaller electric motor and battery, while gasoline vehicles have to accommodate larger engines, exhaust systems, and auxiliary parts. EVs also don’t require a gearbox, freeing up more space. If you switch to an EV, it gives you extra space that makes electric cars more comfortable, with increased legroom for passengers in the back seat. This is just one of the many reasons why we should switch to electric cars.

10. Electric vehicles are future proof

Electric vehicles unquestionably represent the future of transport when considering alarming environmental concerns caused by greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These emissions harm the ozone layer, contributing to global warming and resulting in climate change, which poses a threat to wildlife and increases the incidence of various diseases. Moreover, it is important to acknowledge why electric vehicles are important, as our fossil fuel reserves are projected to last for only 40 to 50 years without using an alternative source. So, considering these facts, there is no better choice than electric vehicles for a sustainable future.

So why not switch to an EV?

Top 10 Reasons You Should Switch to an EV

Choose electric vehicles (EVs) to make a positive impact on the environment, while enjoying better performance, low running costs, and minimal maintenance expenses. EVs improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, and are gaining global recognition. International Energy Agency(IEA) has predicted that by 2040, annual electric vehicle sales are projected to reach 45 million units, making it the perfect time to transition to electric vehicles.

The growing electric vehicle market also addresses the need for charging infrastructure. India alone will require at least 20 lakh charging stations by the end of the decade. To fulfil this demand, businesses of all sizes are setting up charging stations in major highways, restaurants, hotels, and public areas. The demand for EV charging stations will continue to increase, creating opportunities for charging point operators and installers.

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