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Is your home EV ready!!

YoCharge solves home charging EV anxiety. Electric vehicles are here to stay and gaining tremendous popularity. Partner with YoCharge & usher in the future of mobility. Install a Charging Station at your home (or any other location), Charge your electric vehicle and Share the Charging station with other EV Owners to Earn from Charging Station. Get all this done comfortably with a click from your mobile.

EV Charging Solution for Homes Individual EV owners

Simple Process

Host an EV Charging Station

Recommended Charger:

  • Hardware: ABB | Software – YoCharge
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Life-time Free | Zero Subscription charges for Software Platform
  • Overcurrent, Overcharge, Residual Current Protection
  • Shock Proof & provides safe-charging
  • Real-time monitoring of current & charging rate
  • Monthly reports of unit consumption
  • Single Click conversion to public charger | Visibility on Google Maps & apps
  • Earn by Sharing your Charger within society, neighbours or public.
  • Connectivity – Wifi, GSM Sim & Lan Connectivity
  • Multiple Authentication modes including RFID Cards & mobile OTP based
  • Add-on features: Load management | custom maximum charging current setting.

Benefits of EV charging stations for individual homes/EV owners

  • Experience superior lifestyle and ease of charging
  • Enter into the future of electric mobility and be a part of sustainability 
  • Smallest and most compact charging solution to meet your home charging needs
  • Suitable for personal/shared use
  • Most affordable charging solution
  • Safe, reliable and smart charging

Why YoCharge

EV Charger Icon Orange
  • Expert Guidance
  • Select Best Charger for your property & needs
EV Charger with operator
  • No Installation, Operation & Maintenance hassle.
  • 5 year complete warranty
  • 24*7 Support
EV Charging Dashboard
  • Decide Charging Tariff & Control by Mobile
  • Complete Accounting & Billing
  • Share your Charging Station with Others
  • Earn from Charging Station
  • Faster Return on Investment & Business.

Get in Touch:

If you are planning to Host an EV Charging Station, please fill the form below and our expert will provide you with the best suitable charging station based on your needs.

Home, Hotel, Restaurant, Mall etc.
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