Over 40% of electric vehicles in Delhi bought after 2020 EV policy

The implementation of the 2020 EV policy has led to a substantial rise in the sales of electric vehicles in India. According to official records and data, 40% of electric vehicles in Delhi was bought after the 2020 EV policy. Let us look deeper into how the policy have affected the electric vehicles sales and pollution control in the city.

40% of electric vehicles in Delhi bought after 2020 EV policy

Officially there are almost 1.64 lakh electric vehicles in the city and out of them 67,063 electric vehicles ( records till August 31, 2022) were bought after the implementation of the EV policy. It is confirmed that electric two-wheelers forms the major number, due to its affordability. The transport minister of Delhi, Kailash Gahlot have stated that the adoption of electric vehicles, have led to the decrease in pollution and the awareness the city residents shows by adopting electric vehicles were signified.

Image credits : The Hindustan Times

It was also seen that the, registrations of the electric vehicles were more than that of the CNG vehicles registrations. Till now in the year 2022, 9.37 per cent of the total number of vehicles registered in Delhi were electric vehicles, while it was 5.83 per cent for the CNG vehicle registrations. The transport minister also implied that a large number of people have availed subsidy and road tax waivers in the city.

Currently there are 2500 charging points in Delhi for charging EVs. The minister also added that the government is putting up efforts to increase the charging points in the city, to make the charging infrastructure more efficient. It is also evident that Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM) can increase the production of EVs more. The official said that the government has established the legal framework for electric vehicles, but the OEMs will have to assume the responsibility for developing sensible, inexpensive, high-quality goods that travel a sufficient distance on a single charge.

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HDFC ERGO launches one-stop-solution portal for electric vehicles

The nation’s first one-stop-solution platform for electric vehicles, “All Things EV,” has been launched by HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company. The platform aims to provide all the required information for all the EV users and the ones who are planning to adopt electric mobility.

The platform will get the information about charging stations, their locations along a commuter route between cities, and content EV maintenance. Prospective customers can learn about the EV options accessible in India, as well as the ownership costs and subsidies available. Anyone wishing to install charging stations can learn more about the solutions that are available as well as the related costs and profitability indicators.

Parthanil Ghosh, President of Retail Business, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company made a statement that EVs are a possible solution to address the sustainable solutions under various climatic changes or protocols. He also believes “All Things EV” will effectively help in the faster adoption of an environmental friendly mobility solution and it can raise an awareness among commuters about enhanced charging infrastructure, electric car models that are available across the value chain, and green technology.

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