Why Should You Install Solar Power Plant Before Buying an EV?

Solar energy and electric vehicles are the major stepping stones for a sustainable future. When emission-free electric vehicles use renewable energy to charge the electric car it can give two benefits at the same time. So let us discuss the benefits of installing solar power plant at homes for EV charging.

Benefits of installing solar power plant for EV charging

1. Charging EV will be Free of Cost

One of the main benefits of adopting to electric mobility is the user can tackle the rising fuel or gasoline prices. Hence the running cost of electric vehicles is much low compared to conventional vehicles. However the electricity price to charge the personal EVs at home is quite costly. But by installing solar power plants at the user’s home the EVs can be charged without any charges. Hence by using solar power plants EVs can be charged for free at their homes itself.

2. Solar Energy is Renewable and Eco-friendly

Transportation sector is one of the major contributors towards greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to electric mobility has reduced greenhouse emissions to a large extent but electric vehicles still rely on fossil fuels. This is because electric cars or vehicles use electricity from power grid which depends on fossil fuels for production. So by adopting solar energy which are renewable energy the use of fossil fuels can be further reduced. Hence using solar power plants for electric vehicles are more eco-friendly than conventional charging.

Why Should You Install Solar Power Plant Before Buying an EV ?
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3. Fast Charging can be Achieved using Solar Plant

The charging time required to fill the battery using standard outlet can take longer duration. This can lead to range anxiety if the user has to leave a destination within a short time and has to charge the battery from low to full charge. Hence for smooth and comfortable travel fast charging approach is benefitable to EV users.

Using a solar power plant at homes the electric vehicles can be fully charged within only 30 minutes. By this fast charging benefit of solar power plant commuters can save time and avoid range anxiety. Range anxiety is one of the main concerns that inhibits the adoption of electric vehicles. Hence by solar power plants at home adoption of EVs can be promoted with the advantages provided.

4. Solar Power Plants at Homes Can Work Even During Power Outages

If the EV charger is connected to the grid, it will stop working during a power outage. This can become a real problem if there’s an emergency during an outage and your car isn’t charged. By pairing the home EV charger with a solar panel and solar battery system, you’ll have backup power that can be used to charge your EV during a grid outage. 

5. Incentives by Government

Government of India provides a variety of benefits to solar energy adopters in India. It includes subsidies for promotion of renewable energy in India. Depending on amount of kW of electricity the solar system is expected to produce, different amounts are provided by the government. For example, the solar panel subsidy is 40% of the overall cost for solar panels up to 3kW, and 20% for solar panels between 4kW and 10kW. The user adopting both electric vehicles and solar panels at their homes can avail a couple of additional benefits.

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