Why Should Businesses Invest in EV Fleet Management?

Why Should Businesses Invest in EV Fleet Management

The 200% growth rate in the EV sector in India also means growth in demand for commercial electric vehicles. The EV revolution will soon catch up with all fleet and logistics companies, so it would be wise to switch to and invest in EV fleet management. One of the significant benefits of adding EVs to your fleet is that it shortens certain expenses and GHG emissions.

Light electric vehicles are being used by the EV fleet industry, while heavy EVs are still in the testing phase. Some taxi fleet businesses have adopted EVs on lease from companies like Tata Motors and Mahindra. Also, the trades are using a combination of ICE and EV vehicles in their fleet as sufficient EV charging stations are in progress of establishment across the whole country.

Future of EV fleet management:

Businesses dealing in public transport, light load logistics and delivery services are adopting EV fleet management. As EVs have just come into the market, the demand for its management software also is in colossal order. The good news is that many EV charging companies offer management software for EV fleets and setting equipment. Most software features developed for fleet management are functionally versatile and hassle-free.

Such software systems reduce the difficulties an EV fleet manager or owner faces whilst running operations. YoCharge is currently one of the top EV Charging Solutions providers in India. We give customers and investors the convenience of choosing our already existing EV CMS‘ or getting a customised one per their requirements.

Features of YoCharge Management Software for EV Fleets:

24×7 Functional Charger

YoCharge delivers smooth infrastructure operational excellence that uses high-quality and efficient chargers. We believe in our services’ reliability, stability and availability; therefore, you can rest assured that our chargers will remain operable for your Fleet drivers 24×7.

Self-Reservation and Pre-Booking Convenience

Considering the charging urgencies, EV fleet drivers can locate the nearest charging stations through the app and pre-book their charging appointments before reaching there. Fleet managers can also avail of this feature to track and monitor the entire fleet effortlessly.

Intelligent Energy Management

We ensure that the power supply between our depots and the grids is seamless and constantly flowing. The continuous power supply is responsible for balancing between the charging sites, individual charge points and EVs. A well-executed energy planning and management play a vital role for fleet operators, allowing drivers to charge and go on-demand.

Fleet Monitoring

Our EV fleet management system is designed based on charging behaviour, EV charging station health, state of charge, energy consumption and charging session data. We have integrated our management software with GPS tracking and real-time analytics. The two integrated features help track your fleet’s time, location, and energy consumption. It would also help detect the closest charging points and sessions and decide on charging per unit or per minute basis.

EV Roaming

We enable all our users with an e-Roaming facility through eMSPs (e-Mobility Service Providers). Our EV CMSs open the door to various networks and charging service providers with OCPP (OCPP 2.0.1 supports network-to-network and peer-to-peer communications) and OCPI roaming hubs.

Financial benefit and management:

Purchasing EVs may be costlier than ICE vehicles, but government-introduced subsidies and incentives can reasonably reduce the investment costs to buy EVs for fleets. Also, the EV fleet management systems can consider options like reimbursement on power usage and providing a fixed budget that should be accessible only when charging EVs that travel for long distances.

Benefits of Choosing YoCharge’s Management Software

No installation, operation or maintenance hassle

Our team of professionals will promptly look after all the requirements and processes to install, operate and maintain the entire system.

Complete end-to-end services for captive charger installations to maintenance

We provide high-quality and highly-efficient AC and DC chargers for your EVs so that you do not suffer from range anxiety and reach your destination in no time.

24×7 support

Our EV charging systems are designed to auto-detect and repair any system or equipment malfunctions and failures. A real-time report is auto-generated and promptly shared to ensure timely action. If the issue or queries are unresolvable automatically, our service providers are available 24×7 to address and resolve them.

Real-time monitoring and charging

Our charging management systems track and monitor the charging sessions on a real-time basis to ensure that all operations run seamlessly.

Accounting and billing

Our payment and billing systems are integrated with encrypted API to ensure secure and timely transactions. Also, the payments and charging session data are stored and shared with the eMSPs and CPOs to keep track of revenue generated.

One-touch start-stop

Charging your EV is not rocket science; it is so simple that all you need to do is touch once, the charging session starts and touch again, and the charging session ends.

Charging solutions for all-electric vehicles

YoCharge solutions are optimisable for every electric vehicle, regardless of whether they are light or heavy. Our charging stations are open to two-wheelers, three-wheelers, cars, buses and trucks.

Other Benefits

Besides the benefits mentioned above, we also offer RFID smart card-based operations, discounted tariffs and quick ROIs on EV assets.

On a final note:

In the current scenario, fleet and logistic owners should start switching to EVs if they have sufficient funds to buy them. Implementing a combo of ICE and electric vehicles will reduce maintenance and refueling costs. YoCharge is gaining momentum for its advanced and consistent EV services. Contact us for your EV fleet charging and management.

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