Tesla Cost In 2024: Price Breakdown Of Best-Selling E-Vehicle

Tesla cost in 2024

Tesla’s 2024 lineup shines with the Model 3 leading the pack, offering a blend of affordability and performance starting at $38,990. Explore the range of Tesla EV models and their fluctuating prices in the dynamic electric vehicle market.

In 2024, Tesla will continue to lead the electric vehicle (EV) industry, showcasing its dominance in the United States. Tesla’s success is evident through its Model Y and Model 3, which collectively accounted for over 51% of EV sales in the country in 2023. This achievement solidifies Tesla’s position as a frontrunner in the EV market, outperforming traditional automakers like Ford and Chevrolet.

EV Tesla cost in 2024

The range of Tesla EV models caters to diverse consumer needs, offering options like the Model 3, Model S, and Model X at varying price points. The fluctuating prices of these models reflect the evolving landscape of EV pricing and technology. For instance, the Tesla EV Model 3 starts at $38,990 and can reach up to $55,990 with additional upgrades. On the other hand, the Tesla EV Model S AWD Dual Motor begins at $74,990, with a fully loaded version priced at $96,990. Additionally, Tesla’s high-performance Model S Plaid is available starting at $89,990.

Tesla’s upcoming models like the Cybertruck and the anticipated launch of the Tesla EV Model 2 in 2025 with an affordable price below $30,000 indicate a strategic approach to cater to a wider market segment. The company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is further highlighted by its investment in home solar-powered charging stations, which significantly reduce charging costs for Tesla EV owners.

As Tesla maintains its stronghold in the EV industry in 2024, its diverse model lineup and competitive pricing underscore its continued dominance and influence on the market. The company’s success serves as a testament to the growing popularity of electric vehicles in the United States and sets a benchmark for other automakers striving to keep pace with Tesla’s advancements in EV technology and affordability.

Different Price Ranges Of Different Tesla EV Models 

In recent years, Tesla has expanded its model lineup to include trucks, SUVs, and more affordable options compared to its earlier offerings. Every model comes in two or three different trim levels, giving customers the flexibility to choose the range and features that suit their budget and preferences.

Below is a breakdown of the prices for the 2024 model year, which includes a standard destination charge of $1,390 for most models. Taxes and potential tax credits are not included in these prices.

Tesla EV Model 2024Low-End Middle High-End 
Model 3$40,380N/A$49,130
Model S $76,380N/A$91,380
Model X$81,380N/A$96,380
Model Y$49,130$50,380$53,880
Cyber Truck $59,635$78,635$98,635
Note: Price as of 4 March 2024

Current Tesla Models Cost

Take a closer look at Tesla’s lineup of current models, including detailed descriptions and pricing information for each. Some of the current Tesla Models include: 

Tesla Model 3

In 2024, the Tesla Model 3 offers a range of options with varying prices to cater to different preferences. The Rear-Wheel Drive trim starts at $38,990 and can reach up to $55,990 with all available upgrades. For those seeking enhanced performance, the Model 3 Performance variant is available starting at $52,380.

When considering the cost of a Tesla Model 3, it is essential to take into account federal tax credits that may be available. The federal EV tax credit of $7,500 is applicable for the Model 3 Performance model as long as the build’s MSRP remains below $55,000. This tax credit can significantly impact the cost of owning a Tesla Model 3.

Comparing Model 3 prices with federal tax credits showcases how these incentives can make owning an electric vehicle more financially feasible for consumers. Understanding the pricing structure and potential tax benefits associated with purchasing a Tesla Model 3 is crucial for individuals looking to transition to electric vehicles while maximizing cost savings and incentives available in the market.

Tesla Model S

In 2024, Tesla’s Model S lineup offers a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets. The Model S AWD Dual Motor starts at $74,990, providing a powerful driving experience with 670 horsepower and a range of 405 miles. For those looking for a more luxurious and high-performance option, the loaded version of the Model S is available at $96,990, offering an enhanced driving experience and additional features.

Introducing the high-performance Model S Plaid, priced at $89,990, Tesla showcases its commitment to innovation and performance in the electric vehicle market. The Model S Plaid boasts a tri-motor setup with 1,020 horsepower and a range of up to 359 miles, catering to enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance in an electric vehicle.

Tesla’s pricing strategy for the Model S reflects a balance between performance, range, and affordability. The availability of different trim levels allows consumers to choose a model that aligns with their preferences and budget while experiencing the cutting-edge technology and performance that the Tesla EV is famous for in the EV industry.

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X Plaid stands out as one of the most luxurious and expensive models in Tesla’s lineup in 2024. Priced at $94,990, the Model X Plaid offers a combination of performance, technology, and design that sets it apart as a premium electric SUV option. This model caters to individuals seeking top-tier features and performance in an electric vehicle.

The Model X Plaid’s pricing reflects its position as a high-end offering from Tesla, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge electric vehicles with exceptional performance capabilities. With a focus on luxury, innovation, and sustainability, the Model X Plaid embodies Tesla’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology.

Costs Of Upcoming Models of Tesla

In early 2024, Tesla announced new models in the pipeline. The new upcoming models are the following: 

  • Tesla Roadster: A new version of the original Tesla model is in development. The Roadster, which was the first Tesla EV model is relatively rare on roads today.
  • Model 2: Tesla is working on an entry-level electric vehicle (EV) known as the Tesla EV Model 2. It is expected to launch in 2025 and will be affordable, priced under $30,000. This affordability is expected to make EVs more accessible to consumers with tighter budgets, potentially boosting EV adoption significantly.
  • Autonomous Taxi: There are rumors about an autonomous taxi being developed, which will use the Model 2 as its foundation. However, details about this taxi are scarce at the moment.

Upgradation And Customization Of Tesla EVs

Depending on your Tesla model, there are corresponding upgrades available. Tesla owners can upgrade their vehicles through the Tesla app on their phones. These upgrades can be done over the air, like a software update. For example, there’s an infotainment system upgrade available for $2,250, which enables features like Tesla arcade and video streaming. Autopilot options are also upgradable.

Tesla offers various accessories for each model, and third parties do too. Cybertruck owners can pick different paint colors (around $6,000), interior liners ($295), and more. Some upgrades can be pricey, like the Model S Plaid Track Package, which costs around $20,000. It unlocks the car’s top speed to 200 miles per hour and includes new wheels and braking capabilities.

These upgrades and accessories can significantly increase the cost of a base model Tesla, so owners should consider their choices carefully.

In Conclusion, Tesla’s dominance in the electric vehicle industry is evident through its diverse range of models and competitive pricing strategies. From the Model 3 to the Model S and the Model X Plaid, Tesla offers a blend of performance, technology, and sustainability. 

With the Cybertruck and Model 2 on the horizon, Tesla remains at the forefront of EV innovation. By expanding its product lineup and making electric vehicles more accessible, Tesla is driving the transition toward sustainable transportation and shaping the future of the industry.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Tesla Model 3 starts at $38,990 for the Rear-Wheel Drive trim.

The Model S Plaid by Tesla starts at $89,990, offering top-tier performance.

The Tesla Cybertruck is priced at $79,990 for the All-Wheel Drive model.

The affordable Tesla EV Model 2 is set to launch in 2025 with a price below $30,000.

Yes, federal EV tax credits of $7,500 are applicable for the Model 3 Performance model as long as the MSRP remains below $55,000.

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