Ola Electric Announces Subscription Plans

Ola Electric announces new subscription plans have been made available to Ola Electric’s customers. The company has introduced Ola Care and Ola Care+ with the intention of providing after-sale support for users of Ola Electric scooters. Both of these plans have price tags of Rs. 1,999 and Rs. 2,999. (GST excluded).

Ola Electric announces subscription plans
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Ola Electric announces subscription plans

Ola Electric has launched Ola Care and Ola Care+, two new subscription plans for its customers. These programs were created with the express purpose of providing Ola Electric scooter users with after-sale service. These program’s primary goal is to give customers convenience and peace of mind. The company is also about to open 200 experience centers.

Customers will receive services like free home servicing, which includes free home pickup and dropoff, theft assist, and roadside assistance as part of the Ola Care Subscription options. Owners of Ola Electric scooters are eligible for free consumable replacements in circumstances that are not accidental or not covered by insurance.

The Ola Care plan specifically offers free labor on demand, a theft assistance helpline, and roadside support. In contrast, the Ola Care+ plan provides a yearly full diagnostic, free home service and pickup/ dropoff, free consumables, and 24-hour access to doctors and ambulances. The Ola Care plan has a 30 day warranty on all services, while the Ola Care+ plan offers 60 day warranty on all its services.

The Plus plan additionally provides a free taxi fare for a subsequent trip in the event of a tow, a free hotel stay in the event of breakdowns outside the city, and a vehicle custody service to shorten the time required for towing. Ola Electric offers the Ola S1, Ola S1 Pro, and Ola S1 Air electric scooters throughout the nation. The S1 Air made its debut last Diwali and had a reasonable price. The EV is anticipated to begin shipping in April of this year.

Ola Electric announces subscription plans
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Both programs are made to offer thorough coverage for the scooter, guaranteeing that it is always kept in excellent condition. The programs offer users a practical way to budget for the costs of maintaining their scooters. With these new initiatives, Ola Electric hopes to improve its customers’ overall ownership experiences and offer a better customer experience.

Anshul Khandelwal, Chief Marketing Officer, Ola, said “Being a customer centric brand, service has always been a top priority for us. Through the ‘Ola Care Subscription Plan’, we are completely reimagining the customer service experience and aim to bring in the best-in-class after sales service for our customers. The subscription plan offers customers a 360 degree access to our service network which is equipped to cater to customers at the convenience of their doorstep or at their nearest Ola Experience Centres.”

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