How to Charge your MG ZS EV


ZS EV by MG Motors

MG ZS EV 2021 is the electric vehicle by MG Motors India. The car is direct rival to the Hyundai Kona Electric and sits slightly above the upcoming Tata Nexon EV The car comes with a 44.5 kWh Hi-Tech battery and rolls on 215/55/R17 tyres.The electric motor on the ZS EV belts out 143 PS of maximum power and 350 Nm torque. This powertrain helps the car to propel from 0 to 100 kmph in 8.5 seconds. The latest model now gets an increased ground clearance of 205 mm which has been ramped up from 177 mm in the previous model.

In January 2022, MG Motors India announced that its ZS EV has completed two years in the Indian market and the company has managed to sell over 4,000 units of the model in India. The company further added that it has become the second-largest EV maker in the county and has a 27% market share in the segment. 

MG ZS EV Specifications:

Starting Price21,49,800
Onboard Charger6.6 KW
Battery Capacity44.5 KWh
Certified True Range419 Kms
Complementary Charger7.4 KW AC Type 2 Charger
Portable ChargerPortable charging cable with every car.
Can be plugged into any 15A socket

ZS EV Charging Times

Charger TypeChargeDuration
Normal Domestic Power Plug (15A)0-100%16-18 Hrs
AC Charger 7.4 KW0-100%6-8 Hrs
DC Fast Charger 15 KW0-80%2.5 – 3 Hrs
DC Fast Charger 25 KW0-80%1.5 – 2hrs
DC Fast Charger 50 KW0-80%50 Mins
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