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Customisable White Label EV Charging Software in Egypt

YoCharge: The All-in-One White Label Solution for EV Charging Platforms

End to End White label EV Charging Software
End to End Solution
EV Roaming OCPI
EV Roaming
Real-time Monitoring
Account White label EV Charging Software
Payment & Invoicing
Load Management White label EV Charging Software
Load Management
Renewable Power White label EV Charging Software
Renewable Power
Secured OCPP White label EV Charging Software

EV Charging Solutions for all

YoCharge white-labelled EV Charging software platform solution can be customised for a wide range of customers based on use cases. The charging solution enables you to go live with your branded EV Charging Station business in less than 7 days.

YoCharge: The Trusted Choice for EV Charging Businesses in Egypt

Customization at its Finest
Elevate your brand with YoCharge White Label Software, offering complete customization for engaging charging solutions.

Compliant Software
The EV Charging software solution is OCPP 1.6 & OCPP 2.0.1 compliant. 

Enhanced User Experience
Web-application & mobile application provides enhanced user experience

Revenue Generation Made Simple
Monetize your charging infrastructure with YoCharge White Label Software, unlocking revenue opportunities and maximizing ROI.

Industry Experience and Expertise
Our team is includes energy, electricity & software expertise

Advanced Features
Intuitive design, smart controls & intelligent automation

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White label EV Charging Platform in Egypt FAQ’s

A white-label is a fully customizable software, that enables client to rebrand the software as their own. This allows companies to create & grow their brand without actually having to develop their own software product. YoCharge provides this white-labelled EV charging software platform in Vietnam on Subscription basis.

Yocharge provides hassle-free solutions to electric vehicle charging businesses, whether through applications for drivers or the management platform for operators. The main focus is on management systems through technology by building a seamless EV charging software platform for easy installation and maintenance of the electric station.

Our charging management platform can onboard both AC & DC charging stations and provide charging services to 2-wheelers. 3-wheelers, cars, Buses and fleet.

YoCharge offers fastest go-to-market with capability to deploy the platform & mobile apps and make you business ready within 7 days.

The YoCharge SaaS offering includes:

  • Customised & white-label Admin dashboard with Host & property level access.
  • Customised & white-label android & IoS mobile applications.
  • Local Payment gateway integration.

If you are looking to have your own mobile application or provide charging in your existing mobile application, YoCharge also offers public charging API as a product. You can directly integrate these API’s in your existing mobile application and provide EV Charging directly from your own apps.

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