EV Charging Mobile App Features

EV Charging Apps Impact

EV Charging Mobile App Features

End to End White label EV Charging Software
Route Planning

Customised White label EV Charging Software
Locate Charging Station

Renewable Power White label EV Charging Software

Real-time Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring

Account White label EV Charging Software
Rewards & Loyalty

Secured OCPP White label EV Charging Software
Notifications & Alerts

Secured OCPP White label EV Charging Software
User Reviews & Ratings

Renewable Power White label EV Charging Software
Energy Analytics

OEM Hardware
Vehicle Management

Locate Charging Stations:

The ev charging mobile app provides a GPS-based interface that allows EV users to locate the nearest charging stations. Users can view information such as station types, types of connectors, list of EV’s they are compatible with, availability of slots, charging speeds, and pricing.

Real-time Status:

EV Users can monitor their charging process in real-time and remotely. They can keep track of all their view on the maps for the availability and location of the charging station instantly.

Reservation and Pre-Booking:

Some EV charging mobile apps allow EV owners to reserve a slot for themselves in the charging stations in advance. This feature works best for charging stations that are located in areas of high footfalls.

Charging Session:

The charging sessions can be switched on and off directly through the tap of your finger on the app. This feature enhances user convenience and eliminates the need for physical access cards like RFID or tokens.

Payment Integration:

By investing in a mobile app for your EV charging business, you can provide your customers with multiple payment options like credit or debit cards, net banking, and mobile payment apps (Gpay, Paytm, etc.).

Charging Session Monitoring:

You and your customers can monitor ongoing charging sessions, including the charging rate, the time elapsed, and the estimated time to complete the charge. This feature makes it convenient for EV drivers to plan their charging activity accordingly.

Notifications and Alerts:

Like all the other mobile apps, an EV charging app would send notifications and alerts to your customers, updating them on charging status, session completion, or any issues with the charging station equipment.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Providing customers with the option to leave reviews and ratings based on their experience in your charging stations would help other EV owners make informed decisions and encourage the charge point operators (CPO) to maintain and improve their services.

Energy Consumption and Cost Tracking:

Providing insights into energy consumption and costs for each charging session makes it convenient for EV users to monitor their charging expenses and optimize their charging behavior.

Rewards and Loyalty Programs:

To incentivize user engagement, some apps offer rewards or loyalty programs. Users can earn points, discounts, or other benefits by using specific charging stations or achieving certain milestones.

Integration with Navigation Apps:

Integrating your mobile app with popular navigation apps would help potential customers to seamlessly plan their routes, considering charging stops along the way. This ensures a smooth travel experience, especially during long trips.

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