Sleep ‘n Charge: EV charging for Green Hotel Bamboo Saa, Udaipur

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EV Charging enabled Bamboo Saa hotel & resort

Now destination charging is made easy by the Joint initiative of Yo charge and Bamboo Saa, which gives guests the facility of overnight fast 100% charging without deteriorating the battery life.

In a world that is less sensitive to environmental issues, presenting this unique and sustainable awareness and structure could lead to several advantages.

Udaipur’s first “Sleep and Charge luxury staycation”

The new concept for travelers or roadies is “Sleep and Charge”. Eventually it is a new revolution or filter in hotel amenities these days. More and more guests will ask if your green hotel has an electric charging station or charging spot!!

Charge and sleep: a win-win game!! Yes, of course, presently hotels providing charging services for electric vehicles allow guests to charge their e-car in the most convenient moment of the day, and that is when they sleep—undeniably a practical and functional solution for guests. At Bamboo Saa, guests can relax amidst the greenery and tranquility of Aravalli and get ready for the next day with a car all fueled up for the next destination or way back to their home city. The comfortable stay with all facilities makes your weekend or accommodation memorable and pleasant. 

Bamboo Saa EV Charging Station is now Live!!!!

There are many advantages to installing an electric charging station on your property regardless of experiencing major footfall. Therefore strengthen your go green profile by meeting the current electric vehicle charging demand wave while traveling. Top-quality service and happy customers increase reviews in the new customer segment.

Sustainable approach:

Bamboo Saa EV Charging- sustainable tourism - charging station- sign board-yocharge

Bamboo Saa is one step ahead and is on a mission to go green by supporting zero-emission electric vehicles and adopting a sustainable mobility approach. Yo Charge Charging stations installed at resorts allow guests to easily charge their cars without the hassle of searching nearby charging stations. Guests can easily access charging stations and operate through mobiles by scanning the QR code. The application guide gives the user a seamless charging experience.

Installing a charging station is undoubtedly an essential step towards a clean and green environment. Join our mission to support sustainable tourism by booking your luxury stay at Bamboo Saa Hotel and Resort, Udaipur today. Indulge in stress-free travelling affair amidst magnificent Aravalli range. Worry less, enjoy more with destination charging. Assist in shaping the future of responsible traveling and make an optimistic difference for our planet.

As per research, 2022 is the year of electric vehicles, and statistics clearly show a significant increase in the number of electric vehicles globally. Moreover the theme of electric mobility in the tourism world has become crucial. Electric car owners and drivers are more attracted to hotels, restaurants or holiday resorts that have electric vehicle charging stations or have the option to recharge electric vehicles. 

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