Rajasthan records six times growth in EV sales

Rajasthan records six times growth in EV sales in the past three years, indicating that Rajasthan’s residents are becoming more aware about electric mobility and electric vehicles. These records have become an inspiring record to the other states to adopt green technology and implement more incentives.

Rajasthan records six times growth in EV sales

According to data from Rajasthan’s Transport Department, EV sales in the state have increased since 2019 by about six times up to the first week of September. Sales of electric two-wheelers in cities are higher than those of electric four-wheelers because of people’s concerns about the infrastructure for charging on the motorways and in the outskirts.

“There is a continual increase in the sale of electric vehicles in the state, as more and more people are migrating towards better and modern technology,” said K L Swami, Commissioner of the Transport Department. The state government’s initiative to offer incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles is another factor contributing to the increased sales.

Image credits : ET Auto

A PTI report claims that since 2019, Rajasthan has sold a total of 6,627 electric vehicles across three market segments. The numbers increased to 23,451 in 2021 after a slight drop in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. According to data collected through the first week of September of this year, about 42,900 electric vehicles, including roughly 28,000 two-wheelers, 13,400 three-wheelers, and 1,500 light motor vehicles, have been sold in the state.

Nishchal Chaudhary, founder and director of Batt:RE, an electric scooter firm said that Rajasthan provides only 6% of the company’s overall sales while Jaipur accounts for 24% of all sales in Rajasthan. In order to promote its EV policy, Rajasthan introduced financial subsidies for electric two- and three-wheelers last year. According to the proposal, those choosing EVs in the state would receive a reimbursement from the state government for the state’s allocation of the GST.

9 railway stations get new electric vehicle charging points in Mumbai

At stations in Mumbai, Indian Railways has begun offering special electric vehicle charging stations. The Central Railway claims that 9 EV charging stations have been installed at stations throughout the city in one of the 18 Indian Railways zones. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Dadar, Byculla, Parel, Kurla, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Bhandup, Kalyan, and Panvel are the 9 stations where EV charging facilities have been installed.

As a vital step towards environmental stability, EV charging stations at railway stations will encourage e-mobility because it lowers carbon emissions, enhances people’s quality of life, and requires less maintenance. The Central Railway tweeted, “Central Railway following Green Initiatives has put up Electric Vehicle (EV) charging facilities at Important Stations.”

The Mumbai railway stations’ EV charging stations would be operational 24 X 7. According to the Central Railway, EV charging stations would generate additional money through a non-fare revenue plan. A cleaner environment and better air quality are projected to be promoted by the new EV charging stations at railway stations by offering accessible, effective, and sustainable charging points.

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