EV charging stations in Chandigarh to start working by month end

The article discusses the long-delayed operationalization of EV charging stations in Chandigarh, India, which were installed but remained non-functional due to revenue-sharing issues. The installation of these charging stations is a significant step in promoting EV adoption in the city.

Image credits: The Indian Express

EV charging stations in Chandigarh to start working by month end

Electric vehicle (EV) owners in Chandigarh can now rejoice as the long-delayed charging stations are finally set to become operational by the end of this month. Even years after their installation and the implementation of the EV policy, the charging stations set up by the Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd (REIL) remained non-functional due to revenue-sharing issues between the REIL and the Chandigarh Renewable Energy, Science & Technology Promotion Society (Crest).

However, after a negotiation process, the terms of revenue sharing have been finalized, and the UT administration has given its consent to the agreement between Crest and REIL. As a result, all the fast-charging stations will become operational within this month, and the slow charging stations will be replaced with new ones.

The charging stations had already been installed and connected with the power grid but remained non-operational due to revenue-sharing issues. The Crest has now asked REIL to start the charging stations at the earliest. The fast-charging stations are expected to become operational within a week, and the slow-charging stations in sectors 8 and 9 are planned to be replaced with fast-charging stations.

The Crest has allotted the installation of 37 public charging stations at 16 locations to REIL, of which 23 have been installed at nine locations. The Crest also awarded the work for the installation of 44 new fast-charging stations across the city last year. These charging stations will be equipped to charge 332 electric vehicles at a time and will have 26 battery swapping stations for electric vehicles with swappable battery options at various locations. The work has been allotted to two private firms.

A Crest official stated that slow-charging stations take seven to eight hours to charge a car and are unlikely to find favor with residents. Therefore, they are planning to replace them with fast-charging stations. All the charging stations are connected to the electricity supply and ready to be operationalized. REIL has submitted that they would initialize the charging stations in two phases. The first phase will cover five locations, and the next will cover four.

The operationalization of these charging stations is a significant step in promoting EV adoption in Chandigarh. The city has been taking several initiatives to promote the use of electric vehicles, including offering incentives to EV buyers and installing charging stations across the city. With the new charging stations becoming operational soon, EV owners can travel without any range anxiety and enjoy the benefits of cleaner and sustainable mobility.

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