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Electric Vehicle Chargers

EV Chargers – Charging Made Easy

YoCharge provides the best in quality EV chargers for all types of vehicles. The robust range of chargers includes both AC and DC chargers. Power up your EVs with our high-quality, secure, affordable and compact chargers.

AC EV Charger

AC Chargers

In AC Charging, the Charging Device acts as regulator & controller. The Charge is delivered in AC mode to the onboard Charger of the Car(EV), and the onboard charger converts AC power to DC power and charges the battery. Hence, the rate of charging depends on the onboard charger, and charging is mostly SLOW CHARGING. 

DC Chargers

In DC Charging, the charging device first converts input AC power to DC Power. Furthermore, this device provides DC power directly to the BMS system, bypassing the electric car’s (EVs) on-board charger. Hence, the charging rate no longer depends on an onboard charger and facilitates fast & ultra-fast charging. The limit of the charging rate comes from battery chemistry, technology, heating & safety concerns.

DC Charging Station DC Charger blue background
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