EV Charging Software Solution for Power Utilities & Grid Companies

Empowering Utilities & Grid Companies to Embrace EV Charging

EV Charging Solution for Power Utilities

Smart EV Charging Software for Utilities

Introduce profitable EV charging with smart charging and dynamic load management, benefiting both you and your customers!

Elevate Customer Experience with YoCharge’s Additional Services

Hardware Agnostic

With API Integrations you and your clients can easily create custom integrations with any third-party system for payments, solar, storage, energy management, etc.

API Integrations

With API Integrations you and your clients can easily create custom integrations with any third-party system for payments, solar, storage, energy management, etc.

High Uptime

Cut costs with auto-fault recovery! No more dispatching maintenance personnel to sites, with YoCharge’s EV charging software, managing it all seamlessly.

Dedicated Support

With YoCharge you get a dedicated account manager for seamless onboarding, ongoing support, and expert consultation at every step of your journey.

EV Charging Solutions for Grid Companies

EV Charging: Your Next Major Market Expansion Goal

Addressing global climate change, electricity demand has evened out due to energy-efficient buildings, solar panels, and renewables.

EV adoption has risen, creating a need for charging infrastructure—where energy utilities play a vital role. YoCharge EV Charging Software for Utilities makes you market-ready to expand in the EV Industry with our robust EV CMS.

Enhance Customer Experience & Build Loyal Clients

Equipping Utilities & Grid companies to tackle EV charging challenges. The shift towards EVs is a prime opportunity for Utilities & Grid companies to enter the EV Industry, offer new services to existing customers, and tap into a fresh EV customer base.

EV Charging Solutions for Power & Discom

YoCharge EV Charging Software for Utilities: Your Next Revenue Generating Investment

A global EV charging platform for Utilities & Grid Companies to expand their offerings. 

Energy utilities hold a strategic advantage in deploying and managing charging stations for public and private use. Leverage existing customer relationships to facilitate a seamless transition to EVs. With a skilled fleet of field technicians, charging stations can be operational rapidly, boosting energy consumption and revenue.

Expand your offering by:

  • Establishing a public EV charging network.
  • Providing enterprise clients with white-label EV charging software and hardware.
  • Offering flexible and dynamic charging tariffs based on kWh, user, location, etc.

EV owners benefit from incentives, installing home chargers for convenience. Energy utilities can serve customers with YoCharge’s comprehensive offerings:

  • White-label mobile app for home charging, featuring dynamic pricing, scheduled charging, and more.
  • Integration with dynamic smart tariffs for EV charging.
  • Simple grid connection and additional services. Simplify EV adoption for loyal customers.
Whitelabel Mobile app

Why YoCharge is the best EV Charging Management software partner ?

  • Beyond price and quality, YoCharge provides a complete solution for a competitive edge.
  • YoCharge EV CMS is well-equipped to manage all your maintenance issues remotely.
  • We empower you to enhance your hardware offering with a future-proof EV Software.
  • You get YoCharge’s EV CMS live and running in just 7 days with all essential features.
  • Reduce additional costs and human resources for software support and development.
  • Full-feature EV charging management with dedicated support for future requests.
  • Boost charger sales with our bundled software and maximize sales revenue.
  • Full monitoring & control, efficient operations, smart maintenance for cost optimization.

Power Utility Companies FAQ’s

Energy utility companies have a significant opportunity to enter the EV charging market, better managing business risk. To succeed in managing numerous charging stations, an EV charging management software is crucial. It must integrate seamlessly with existing systems, reduce maintenance time, and support various charging scenarios.

An EV charging management platform suitable for an energy utility company must offer seamless integration with existing systems like ERP and CRM. It should reduce charge point maintenance time and costs, while also providing hardware-agnostic compatibility with any OCPP-compliant charge point model. To know more click here.

After narrowing down the selection of EV charging management software providers based on features and response time, consider their experience, client portfolio, and case studies. Avoid risks by choosing a provider who isn’t backed by your competitors. Ensure the selected applicant best aligns with your needs.

Electric Vehicle Energy Management System [EVEMS] presents a chance to enhance the efficiency of current electrical infrastructure and avoid expensive capacity upgrades. These systems maximize electric vehicle usage without incurring prohibitive costs.

A smart charger, being internet-connected, enables you to manage and control your car’s charging process. It offers adaptable charging to meet your needs and potential electricity bill reductions. Beyond these benefits, there’s more to explore with a smart charger.

Dynamic smart tariffs are crucial for EV charging because they encourage drivers to charge during off-peak hours, resulting in significant cost savings on their energy bills. Additionally, by spreading out charging demand, these tariffs help prevent grid overload, ensuring a more stable and reliable energy distribution.

Yocharge provides the complete solution of EV Charging Platform for Power Utility as white-label meaning you can customise the solution as per your needs & brand guidelines. Read ahead for more information on white-label ev charging platform.

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