EV Charging Solutions for Oil & Gas Companies

Empowering Oil and Gas Companies to Embrace EV Charging

EV Charging Station Management Software Solutions for Oil and Gas Companies

Get future ready

Introduce profitable EV charging with smart charging and dynamic load management, benefiting both you and your customers.

White-label EV Charging Platform for Charge Point Manufacturer & OEM

Maximize your Oil & Gas business offering with YoCharge’s EV CMS

Fuel retailers can leverage the e-mobility revolution, offering additional services to EV drivers while transforming their business. Oil and gas companies are uniquely equipped to address EV adoption barriers like range anxiety and the need for more charging stations.

Enhance Customer Experience & Build Loyal Clients

YoCharge’s EV Charging platform offers comprehensive features for running and managing your EV Charging network. Additionally, leverage our high-quality white-label solution and end-user mobile apps for various business models. Expand into EV charging operations and enhance the user experience.

White-label EV Charging Platform for Charge Point Manufacturer & OEM

YoCharge EV Charging Software Solutions for Oil & Gas Companies

A global EV charging platform for Oil & Gas Companies with comprehensive offerings. 

The simplest method to offer EV charging is by building a public network at your station. Attract existing and new EV drivers, increasing on-site spending. Longer charging times lead to higher in-shop spending. Expand your business with additional services.

The shift towards zero-emission vehicles drives corporate fleets to embrace EVs. Oil and gas retailers can capitalize on this by offering comprehensive EV charging services to retain B2B clients. Provide all-in-one solutions, covering public, workplace, depot, and home charging needs.

Simplify EV charging for your customers with YoCharge’s white-label backend software and mobile apps. Eliminate the hassle of using multiple applications for home, work, and public charging. Offer a seamless home charging solution with their preferred OCPP charger, all compatible with our platform and apps.

Whitelabel Mobile app

Why YoCharge has the best EV Charging Solutions for Oil & Gas Companies ?

  • You get YoCharge’s EV CMS live and running in just 7 days with all essential features.
  • YoCharge API customizes integrations for ERP, CRM, payments, and apps.
  • We guarantee uptime with performance standards & service level agreements.
  • Reduce additional costs and human resources for software support and development.
  • Full-feature EV charging management with dedicated support for future requests.
  • Expand with home EV charging solutions, corporate fleet charging & building your own brand.
  • Full monitoring & control, efficient operations, smart maintenance for cost optimization.
  • With YoCharge’s EV CMS you can retain and upsell loyal B2C and B2B customers.
  • Oil & Gas companies can attract new groups of customers & increase their revenue.
  • YoCharge empowers Oil & Gas firms to tackle EV charging challenges seamlessly.

Elevate Customer Experience with YoCharge’s Additional Services

White-label Backend & Mobile Apps

Deliver a branded and exceptional experience to your clients with our web and mobile apps, ensuring a seamless journey.

Payment & Billing

We provide diverse payment options, such as mobile apps, vouchers, prepaid top-ups, pay-as-you-go, and credit card integration with your billing solutions.

API Integrations

Integrate all payment processes and systems seamlessly with YoCharge API – ERP, CRM, loyalty programs, point-of-sale, and more.

EV Roaming

Offer an extensive network of charging stations with direct or external roaming options, catering to your customers’ needs.

Oil & Gas Companies FAQ’s

The transportation industry is shifting towards electrification. EV charging presents a new business opportunity. A decisive move into the EV value chain would utilize existing assets and develop new sources of income. EV Charging software enables Oil & Gas business owners to efficiently manage their business and retain their clients.

Before delving into advanced solutions, select a provider covering the essentials, ensuring charger-system compatibility for cost-effective future operations. YoCharge evaluates chargers to guarantee peak performance. The open API empowers seamless integration with other systems, granting you full control to create customized solutions.

The benefits of white label Charge Point Management Software include personal branding, increasing customer loyalty, decreasing time to market, eliminating unnecessary costs, reducing business risk, supporting growth at scale, and so on. For a better understanding of the advantages of white-labeled CPMS you may contact us at sales@yocharge.com.

The growing adoption of EVs is gradually replacing oil usage, though more efforts are required. As per Bloomberg NEF analysis, electric vehicles made a significant impact on oil consumption last year, displacing approximately 1.5 million barrels per day.

Oil & Gas companies can efficiently manage EV charging operations with software platforms. They can seamlessly integrate billing with existing solutions, ensuring smooth transactions for customers. Advanced energy management optimizes charging processes, enhancing sustainability. To know more about the same you can connect to our expert.

After shortlisting EV charging management software providers based on features and response time, consider their experience, client portfolio, and case studies. Avoid working with providers supported by direct or indirect competitors to minimize risks. Check the investors for any conflicts of interest that might impact your competitiveness.

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