Charging Platform for Charge Point Manufacturer (OEM)

Improve your hardware offering with integrated scalable EV charging platform.

Whitelabel EV Charging Software for Charge Point Manufacturer

Get future ready

Offer hardware and OCPP compliant smart charging management platform to clients under your own brand.

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API Integration

With API Integrations you and your clients can easily create custom integrations with any third-party system for payments, solar, storage, energy management, etc.

Hardware Diagnosis

OCPP based EV CMS allows you to monitor the charging station real-time & retrieve charger logs, maintain your hardware at scale with custom access for your distributors & managers.

Hardware Troubleshooting

The EV CMS also allows Over the air firmware upgrades, connector unlock, restart, maintenance mode.

Dedicated Support

With YoCharge you get a dedicated account manager for seamless onboarding, ongoing support, and expert consultation at every step of our partnership.

Charge Point Management: One Stop Solution for all Charging Scenarios

A global EV charging platform for operators, installers & fleets; one app for all charging needs

Streamline B2B EV fleet transition, lower costs with load management. Centralized billing, analytics & reconciliation features for seamless charging

Expand your EV charging business with YoCharge’s home charging software. All-in-one features for home EV charging – smart, efficient, and convenient.

Partner your charging stations with YoCharge’s world-class EV management system for scalable, remote operations, and advanced billing and more

White-label EV Charging Platform for Charge Point Manufacturer & OEM

YoCharge’s Complete EV Management Platform for CPM

Adapt to evolving EV market needs. Bundle high-quality charge points with YoCharge’s cloud-based management platform for monitoring, access control, payments, and reporting, catering to all charging solutions providers.

Upgrade your Hardware with YoCharge’s OCPP-Compliant Integration

Leverage YoCharge’s OCPP expertise to enhance hardware offerings and streamline OCPP integration. Rigorous testing ensures OCPP compliance, and prompt resolution of any firmware deficiencies.

White-label EV Charging Platform for Charge Point Manufacturer & OEM
Whitelabel Mobile app

Why YoCharge is the best EV Charging Management software partner ?

  • Beyond price and quality, YoCharge provides a complete solution for a competitive edge.
  • YoCharge EV CMS is well-equipped to manage all your maintenance issues remotely.
  • We empower you to enhance your hardware offering with a future-proof EV Software.
  • You get YoCharge’s EV CMS live and running in just 7 days with all essential features.
  • Reduce additional costs and human resources for software support and development.
  • Full-feature EV charging management with dedicated support for future requests.
  • Boost charger sales with our bundled software and maximize sales revenue.
  • Full monitoring & control, efficient operations, smart maintenance for cost optimization.

Charge Point Manufacturer FAQ’s

Charge Point Manufacturers play a crucial role in the development and production of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Their primary responsibility is to design, manufacture, and supply charging stations, also known as charge points, for EV owners and charging network operators.

EV software helps to authenticate, keep track of charging sessions, and bill payment. With all latest technological updates, most of the charging points are connected to software solutions by internet connectivity. These unmanned charging points can be operated by EV users on their own. Software solutions based on EV charging infra acts like an aggregator in the EV ecosystem and connects all major stakeholders in the industry. 

The benefits of an EV Software for CPMs mainly depends on their preferred business model. In the most common scenarios the benefit includes; they can integrate their hardware with softwares providing customers enhanced accessibility; they can also focus on improving their hardware performance with real-time data and analytics.

EV charger software allows operators to manage and optimize EV charging operations. It’s a tool that allows someone who doesn’t (and doesn’t need to) know about the intricacies of EV charging hardware to manage their power network, handle payments, and control access to their stations.

EV Charging Software has varying benefits depending on the person using it. For CPO’s it provides visibility into their business and real-time monitoring. For users it enables them to easily locate, plug & charge their vehicle and so on. To know the benefits of EV Charging Software in detail read our recent blog

Your EV charging management platform should include charging infrastructure management, end-user services, and smart energy management solutions tailored to your specific requirements. It should also be to provide real-time visibility, auto-fault recovery algorithms, user & partner management, roaming capabilities, and hardware flexibility.

An Electric Vehicle Charging Management System (EV-CMS) enables charge point manufacturers to integrate a software solution with their hardware infrastructure to manage, operate and analyze their EV network, clients and users with efficiency. 

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