BPCL to invest Rs 800 crore over 2 years to set-up 7,000 EV charging stations

BPCL, a leading oil marketing company in India, plans to invest Rs 800 crore in setting up 7,000 EV charging stations over the next two years. The company has already launched fast-charging stations at 110 fuel stations across Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. We expect these charging corridors to support and accelerate the growth of EVs in India.

BPCL to invest Rs 800 crore over 2 years to set-up 7,000 EV charging stations
Image credits : The Financial Express

BPCL to invest Rs 800 crore over 2 years to set-up 7,000 EV charging stations

BPCL, one of India’s leading oil marketing companies, has announced a significant investment in electric vehicle infrastructure in the country. The company plans to invest Rs 800 crore over the next two years to set up 7,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the country.

BPCL has already launched 19 fuel stations in Kerala, 33 in Karnataka, and 58 in Tamil Nadu that offer fast-charging services for electric vehicles. These stations are located along important highways and connect popular tourist destinations, making them easily accessible for travelers.

According to BPCL, it takes just 30 minutes to charge an EV and provide a range of up to 125 km through the 30 KW fast charger. The company has also ensured that the distance between two fast-chargers on its EV corridors is less than 100km, making it easier for EV drivers to travel long distances.

BPCL’s EV corridors connect important religious and tourist destinations with cities, including Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh, Bandipur National Park in Karnataka, Guruvayoor temple and Kadampuzha temple in Kerala, Vallarpadam National shrine of Basilica, St. Antony’s Church , Koratty and Markaz Knowledge City & Early Sunrise watch at Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, and Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai, among others.

The company has already converted 21 highways into electric corridors, and it plans to cover 200 highways with fast-charging stations by March 2023. This move is expected to support and accelerate the growth of electric vehicles in the country.

At the launch event in Ernakulam, Kerala, P.S. Ravi, Executive Director Incharge (Retail), stated that the fast chargers are easy to use, and can be self-operated without any manual assistance. BPCL has also digitized the entire EV charger locator, charger operations, and transaction process through the HelloBPCL app, providing an online, hassle-free, and transparent user experience.

The announcement comes as India seeks to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and achieve its target of becoming a net-zero emissions economy by 2050. The Indian government has also announced a slew of incentives to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, including tax rebates and subsidies for EV buyers and manufacturers.

BPCL’s investment in electric vehicle infrastructure is a positive step towards achieving India’s clean energy goals, and it is likely to encourage more companies to follow suit. With the expansion of fast-charging infrastructure, electric vehicles are likely to become more accessible and affordable for Indian consumers.

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