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Customisable White Label EV Charging Software in New Zealand

YoCharge: The All-in-One White Label Solution for EV Charging Platforms

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YoCharge EV Charging Solutions – Overview

YoCharge white-labelled EV Charging software platform empowers a wide range of customers in New Zealand with customised solution based on exact client use cases.

With our software, EV charging companies, including charge point operators and fleet and LMD operators, can effortlessly measure, monitor, and regulate charging sessions. 

Your Charging Station + Our Software = Your Brand

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White label EV Charging Platform in New Zealand FAQ’s

A white-label is a fully customizable software, that enables client to rebrand the software as their own. This allows companies to create & grow their brand without actually having to develop their own software product. YoCharge provides this white-labelled EV charging software platform in New Zealand on Subscription basis.

The electric vehicle charging management software helps EV charging service providers to manage all the aspects of charging and optimize EV charging network operations seamlessly. The CMS also delivers an exceptional charging experience to its users and monetizes their business by generating extra revenue.

EV charging businesses in New Zealand can take advantage of Yocharge’s white label EV charging software system and make their business stand out. There are multiple benefits including:

1. Increased efficiency

White label EV charging management software streamlines the process of managing electric vehicle charging sessions happening at charging stations. This reduces the operator’s hassle and extra cost associated with manual processing. Automation maximises efficiency and ensures optimized electricity usage and station. Give a seamless EV charging experience to customers under your brand name.

2. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Customers trust the brand name. Branding through white label EV CMS helps your business skyrocket by ensuring customers’ authenticity and a sense of security. Customised EV charging software enables operators and customers to manage and monitor transactions securely through user access. User access prevents unauthorised individuals from using the charging station.

3. Clarity of data

Through customised CMS, the operator gets clarity on points such as energy consumption and cost projections enabling operators to make informed decisions about energy use. Through software, users can accurately monitor the overall energy performance and quickly identify and resolve issues.

4. Automated billing and reporting

The software allows operators to streamline invoicing processes and provide accurate financial records. The customised CMS can also be used to generate detailed analytical reports on all areas of energy consumption and thus help operators get valuable insights into overall performance.

5. Optimised charging schedules

Unique features and customisation in software enable users to customise and optimise schedules for when to charge vehicles and factors such as availability of slots, power capacity, local regulations, peak hour rates, etc. The customised feature helps fleet operators and LMD users to analyse and maximise battery life while minimising costs associated with electricity consumption.

YoCharge supports multiple local payment gateways in New Zealand including Stripe, Paypal. Further, our clients also have option to have their choice of custom payment gateway integrated.

Yes, YoCharge Charging API allows you to integrate with any third-party invoicing or billing software and so you can also integrate this API’s into your custom mobile application.

We integrate your merchant account directly with the payment gateway, as a result, the payments are processed directly from EV users into your merchant account, without any delay or additional fees.

While selecting the best white label EV software solution provider in New Zealand, consider these factors and ensure it meets your needs and best fits your business.

  • Evaluate the current infrastructure and capabilities you want from your software. Consider the size of your facility and the number of charging stations you want to manage or add. Work on special requirements as per your business needs and research which white label EV CMS solution provider offers which features, and match up with your business plan.
  • Cost is another important factor. Ensure that customised software fits your budget and offers a good return on investment.
  • Last but not least, look for customer reviews of each system and get feedback from the businesses that have already implemented solutions likewise. Evaluating real-world experience thoroughly and developing questions and a proper plan is important.
  • By closely evaluating these factors, you can select the right white label EV management software platform for your business.

The white label EV charging software cost varies depending on the customisation and scope of the project. Generally, such types of software development work on a subscription plan that is yearly or monthly payment basis or a complete software solution in one go. The cost depends on features and ranges from a basic plan to an advance one. At YoCharge, we have two unique solutions to meet your requirements. 

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