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Kochi, formerly known as Cochin, is the cosmopolitan city of Kerala with a buzzy commercial port. It is the financial capital of Kerela, and the population here is 2 Million, with a biggest urban population in the state. It is also one of the tourist destinations in India. 

The city nurtured in rivalry and born in the storm was established by battling the ground of European empires. This city was formed as an ancient port city by the great floods in the Periyar river in 1341. With the advent of colonisation, Kochi became the first battleground of almost all European powers. It made the least impact on the fortunes of the city.

The new foundation of Kochi city started with Sir Robert Bristow, a senior Royal Navy Engineer who felt the need for a modern large port after the opening of the Suez Canal. This made the largest man-made island in the country, that is, from Willingdon Island to house the new Kochi Port. Moreover, the city is also an emerging place for electric vehicles. Significantly it will become the provider of top electric vehicle charging stations in Kochi.

The city has a cosmopolitan culture enticed by historical trading partners, Portuguese, Dutch, Arab, Chinese, and Japanese. The Christian population is higher, and thus the city is the place of the Latin church of India and the priestly seat of one of the 4 Century. 

Kochi Climate

With a typical tropical climate, it makes it favourable for tourists to easily explore the city. The temperature range from 30 degrees to 35-degree centigrade. It experiences heavy rainfall between mid of May to September’s first week. The trading of pepper and cardamom with Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese, Phoenicians and Chinese for more than 600 years helped it flourish and prosper and nade it gateway of old India. 

Kochi has a typical tropical climate. Temperatures range between 30°C and 35°C during the daytime and around 24°C during the night. Furthermore, Kochi is one of the first places to experience the heavy Monsoon showers starting by mid of May. Kochi experiences heavy rainfall between mid of May and to the first week of September. Daytime temperatures during the monsoon fall to between 25°C and 30°C during these months. Indeed, from September to early February, the weather is fine, marked with cool winds and light showers in between.

However, by February, the summer season starts. Though temperatures never touch 40°C, the presence of high humidity can make summers very harsh. This continues till early May. However, frequent summer showers cool down the harshness of summer.

Additionally, Kochi international airport connects it to many parts of the world and India itself. Moreover, tourists can easily travel from anywhere. The transit and commute from the airport is easy to get, and also the airport of Kochi is the world’s first airport powered by solar energy. Here conservation of energy and resources is a major consideration. 

EV charging station companies in Kochi

Keeping the green mobility objective of the government in mind, the Kerela government is embracing electric vehicles as a measure of clean mobility. Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) is developing a chain of electric vehicle charging stations across the state. Significantly, the EV charging stations in Kochi are fully powered and operational allowing two-car to charge simultaneously. Here is the list of electric vehicle charging station companies who are actively participating in ensuring green mobility in Kochi city.

  • KSEB charging stations
  • Celltric energy EV charging stations
  • KEL PulsePower charging station
  • Porsche Destination charging station
  • Tata Power charging station
  • Ather charging stations
  • Zeon charging stations
  • Kazam charging stations
  • YoCharge charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations in Kochi

electric vehicle charging station in Kochi - google map - yocharge
EV charging stations in Kochi – Google Map
Company NameType of charger (fast/slow)Location
Tata power charging stationCCS – 60 kWTotal – 2 Opposite Metro Pillar NO 155,NH47, Avinashi – Tiruppur – Palladam – Pollachi – Cochin Rd, Muttom, Kochi, Kerala 683106
KSEB Charging StatioCCS25 kWTotal : 12843+3XX, Palarivattom, Kochi, Kerala 682017
Celltric Energy – EV ChargingUnknown Connector  Valamkottil Towers, No.4/461,2nd Floor, Suite No.781, Judgemukku, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala 682021
Ather Grid Charging Station Unknown Connector40/6972, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Rajaji Junction, Kerala 682035
Zeon Charging StationUnknown ConnectorGrand Mall, Panvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Hwy, Edappally, Kochi, Kerala 682024
Kazam Charging StationWall SocketX832+QW2, KP Vallon Rd, Giri Nagar, Kadavanthra, Ernakulam, Kerala 682020
ChargeMOD Charging StationCCS – 60 kWTotal : 1284W+C6Q, BCG Residency Towers, Seaport – Airport Rd, Kakkanad, Kerala 682030
Porsche Destination Charging StationJ1772 : 7 kWTotal : 160 Jangchungdan-ro Kochi IN

Which electric vehicle charging station to choose?

Charging access or plug-in hybrid at home is a real asset for electric vehicle owners.However, having the possibility to recharge a vehicle at home can make the user use the most of the capacity. With the rapid growth in the electric car market, manufacturers tend to offer various charging stations designed for home installation. If you are an electric vehicle owner and want to choose a home charging solution or are looking to install an electric vehicle charging station or infrastructure at your property, then discover the selection criteria by filling out this form. Here is the selection criteria which you can keep in mind.

  • Choose a charging station according to consumption and power 
  • Recharging speed
  • Charging station according to property or its features.

Yocharge will soon be a part of the green mobility and charging station development revolution in Pune. To ensure the city stays eco-friendly and strengthen the EV infrastructure eco-system.