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Electric Vehicle Chargers

EV Chargers

AC EV Charger

AC Chargers

In AC Charging, the Charging Device acts as regulator & controller. The Charge is delivered in AC mode to onboard Charger of the Car(EV) and the onboard charger converts AC power to DC power and chargers the battery. Hence, rate of charging depends on onboard charger and charging is mostly SLOW CHARGING.

DC Charging Station DC Charger blue background

DC Chargers

In DC Charging, the charging device first converts input AC power to DC Power. Further, this device provides DC power directly to BMS system, bypassing the electric car’s (EVs) on-board charger. Hence, the rate of charging no more depends on onboard charger facilitating fast & ultra fast charging. The limits charging rate come from battery chemistry, technology, heating & safety concerns.