Electric vehicle charging stations in Patna

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Patna city is the capital of Bihar and is among the second largest metropolis in eastern India. The journey of Patna is quite an object of envy as three sacred rivers, Ganga, Sone and Poonpun, flow through the city. The city speaks of a glorious past and perches on the briskness of a bustling upcoming metropolis. The legend of sanctified Ganga and how a hallowed Buddha blessed this place to be a realm of kings and their Empires. 

It is the land where the greatest emperors walked and great saints chose to reach. Moreover, the 10th Sikh guru Guru Gobind Singh was born here. This place is a real treasure for those who are looking for rich history and religion.

Moreover, today Patna city has become the fastest growing city in India. With real estate booming high, shopping malls, theatres, new businesses, and food joints, it carries life and growth in all. The ancient name of Patna was ‘Patliputra’, the capital of the Maurya and Gupta empires. Patliputra witnessed a glorious period of history spanning a thousand years and saw the rise and fall of India’s major kingdom.

Therefore, if we speak of recent times, the city is an important business and education hub of eastern India. Significantly, It is a gateway to the Buddhist and Jain pilgrims. However, the growing city is a great place to visit and live in. the city is home to two great religions, Buddhism and Jainism and myriad dynasties from ancient to modern era.

However, the significant places to see in Patna are museums, Har Mandir Saheb, Golghar, Kumhrar, zoo, Mahavir Mandir, Gandhi museum, Khuda Baksh oriental library, Padri ki haveli, Vaishali stupa and many more.   

Electric vehicle charging station companies in Patna

In Bihar, the first electric vehicle charging station was set up in the Patna district. One in Patna Junction and the other in Patliputra Junction (PJ). The charging station meets all types of EV needs, and electric vehicles are parked in circulating areas. Moreover, this facility aims to meet green initiatives by railways to check pollution in the city.

Here is the list of top electric vehicle charging station companies in Patna

  • Tata charging stations
  • BOLT charging stations
  • EVbooth charging stations
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • YoCharge charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations in Patna

EV charging stations in Itanagar – Google Map

Company NameType of charger (fast/slow)Location
Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Unknown Connector 
J48P+53F, Lodipur, Patna, Bihar 800001 4M4+M5G, Unnamed Road, Patliputra Industrial Area, Digha, Patna, Bihar 800010 J45P+JW7, 18, Fraser Rd, Dak Bunglow, Bander Bagicha, Chowk, Patna, Bihar 800001 
Uznaka Charging StationWall SocketTotal : 3
J43P+FW7, Jct, Siraj Dokadia Rd, Budh Vihar, Fraser Road Area, Patna, Bihar 800001
Tata Charging StationUnknown Connector

J27R+6JF, Khagaul Rd, Balaji Nagar, Balaji Nagar, Danapur Nizamat, Mobarakpur-Raghurampur, Patna, Bihar 801503

Which electric vehicle charging station to choose?

Charging access or plug-in hybrid at home is a real asset for electric vehicle owners. Having the possibility to recharge a vehicle at home can make the user use the most of the capacity. With the rapid growth in the electric car market, manufacturers tend to offer various charging stations designed for home installation. If you are an electric vehicle owner and want to choose a home charging solution or are looking to install an electric vehicle charging station or infrastructure at your property, then discover the selection criteria by filling out this form. Here is the selection criteria which you can keep in mind.

  • Choose a charging station according to consumption and power 
  • Recharging speed
  • Charging station according to property or its features.

Yocharge will soon be part of Patna’s green mobility and charging station development revolution. To ensure the city stays eco-friendly and strengthens the EV infrastructure eco-system.

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