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Kavaratti is the capital of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep in India. Kavaratti is a census town and is well known for its pristine white sand beaches and calm lagoons. The natural beauty of beaches makes it a famous tourist attraction. 

It is located 332 km west to  Kannur, 351 km west to the city of Kozhikode, and 404 KM West to the city of Kochi. The island of Kavaratti lies 360 km off the coast of the state of Kerela. The closed inhabited island is Pitti islet, located 24 km north of Kavaratti. 

The island is 3.5 miles long, and a shallow lagoon on the island’s western side and coconut palms make it enchanting. Moreover,  Kavaratti town is known for the carved wooden pillars and roofs of its mosques and carved stones in its graveyards. Tourism is of growing importance to the economy. 

Transportation to this city is possible through an overnight voyage by passenger ships from the Indian mainland. The passenger liner operates from Kochi to Karavatti and other Lakshadweep islands. The nearest domestic airport is Agatti Airport on Agatti island, which is 54 km away. One can travel by helicopter or boat, and commercial flights operate from Kochi to Agatti.

Electric vehicle charging stations in Kavaratti

  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • YoCharge charging stations (coming soon)

Which EV charging station to choose?

Charging access or plug-in hybrid at home is a real asset for electric vehicle owners. Having the possibility to recharge a vehicle at home can make the user use the most of the capacity. With the rapid growth in the electric car market, manufacturers tend to offer various charging stations designed for home installation. If you are an electric vehicle owner and want to choose a home charging solution or are looking to install an electric vehicle charging station or infrastructure at your property, then discover the selection criteria by filling out this form. Here is the selection criteria which you can keep in mind.

  • Choose a charging station according to consumption and power 
  • Recharging speed
  • Charging station according to property or its features.

Yocharge will soon be part of Kavaratti’s green mobility and charging station development revolution. To ensure the city stays eco-friendly and strengthen the EV infrastructure eco-system.

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