Electric vehicle charging stations in Itanagar 

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A simple railway track connects the city Itanagar with Harmuti Assam. The district Harmuti is well connected with Indian railway networks. Moreover, overnight superexpress buses connect Itanagar with Guwahati, and it takes 12 hours. The government is working hard to promote electric vehicle charging stations in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. 

Moreover, the city is the capital of the northeast Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh and is set in the foothills of the Himalayas. Therefore, this beautiful city is the home to medieval Ita Fort and Jawahar Lal Nehru State Museum, which showcase textiles and handicrafts. Furthermore, the yellow-roofed Buddhist temple Gompa was consecrated by the Dalai Lama. The west of the town is known as Geker Sinying, also known as Ganga Lake, amidst forests, orchids and ferns.

The famous tourist attractions are Buddhist Temple, Ganga Lake, Indira Gandhi Park, Ita Fort and Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum. Soaked in stupendous natural grandeur and blissful weather throughout the year, Itanagar is an enchanting tourist destination in Northeast India. The city is blessed with plenty of natural splendours and hotspots for adventure seekers.

Indeed, getting to Itanagar is not hard. However, one important thing to note is that one should enter here bordering the state of Assam and can travel by road, air, and rail. The airport is well connected and is approximately 67 km away. There is also a helicopter facility available between Itanagar and Guwahati run by renowned helicopter company Pawan Hans Ltd., and it is functional thrice a week. 

Electric vehicle charging station companies in Itanagar

  • Tata charging stations
  • YoCharge charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations in Itanagar

EV charging stations in Itanagar – Google Map

Company NameType of charger (fast/slow)Location
Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Unknown Connector

 Q53M+X66, Bapuji Nagar, Jorhat, Assam 785001
Tata Charging StationUnknown Connector

8J6R+X3, Garikuri Bebejia, Assam 782142  P5W9+PFC, Dhekorgorha, Assam 785006

Which electric vehicle charging station to choose?

Charging access or plug-in hybrid at home is a real asset for electric vehicle owners. Moreover, having the possibility to recharge a vehicle at home can make the user use the most of the capacity. With the rapid growth in the electric car market, manufacturers tend to offer various charging stations designed for home installation. Thus, if you are an electric vehicle owner and want to choose a home charging solution or are looking to install an electric vehicle charging station or infrastructure at your property, then discover the selection criteria by filling out this form. Here is the selection criteria which you can keep in mind.

  • Choose a charging station according to consumption and power 
  • Recharging speed
  • Charging station according to property or its features.

Yocharge will soon be part of Itanagar’s green mobility and charging station development revolution. To ensure the city stays eco-friendly and strengthen the EV infrastructure eco-system.

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