EV Charging Stations in Ahmedabad

EV charging solution in Ahmedabad

Sultan Ahmad Shah founded Ahmedabad in 1411 AD, and it comes in Gujarat state. It is among one of the most grown modern cities in India. Bestriding the Sabarmati river, the prosperous city have a population of 6 million and is a delight for an anthropologist, archaeologist, architects, sociologist, traders, bargain hunters, and tourists. The city is also known as ‘Manchester of India’. It has favourable locational factors, such as it is popular for its world-famous cotton textiles, Sabarmati Ashram, Scrumptious Street food, and architectural art. All these factors make it a perfect weekend getaway. Ahmedabad is the fifth-largest city and the first city to be listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. In the sultan’s city, you can find many Mughals inspired monuments and buildings that give a glimpse of Gujarat culture. Ahmedabad’s tourism industry is among the most popular tourist destinations and offers everything tourists need to enjoy.

The city has become an important economic and business hub in India. It is selected among 100 Indian cities to be soon a part of the smart city project started by the Indian government. The automobile market is one major segment in Gujarat. Following the Tata Nano project, Ford and Suzuki are also planning to build a factory near Ahmedabad. In fact, Peugeot Citroen Group has launched and started their first showroom in the country on Ahmedabad SG highway.

The automobile market is on boom in Gujarat, and as per analysis, the electric vehicle market ecosystem is quite balanced now. Riding on the increased demand, the state tries to meet the demand-supply gap by gradually building a sound ecosystem. Gujarat is home to automobile giants, and now electric vehicle has put a strong foot in the automobile market. New players have entered the market and created a robust business model. The limited number of charging stations is a challenge, but still, EV charging solution providers are doing their best to meet the demand-supply chain.

EV Charging station companies in Ahemdabad

 Charge And Drive Charging Station

– ChargeSangam Charging Station

– Electric Vehicle Charging Station

– Green Global Enterprise

– Jaygayatri Electric Engg Work

– YoCharge

– M GLADS Charging Station

– Menza

– Nirav Auto Electric works


– TATA Power EV Charging Station

– VerdeMobility

– Yahhvi Enterprise Private Limited

Electric vehicle charging stations in Ahemdabad

1. Charge And Drive Charging Station

Address: 701, Sarkhej – Gandhinagar Highway, Makarba, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380051

Available chargers:

CHADEMO Charger Type equipped with fast-charging ports with a power supply of 50 KW. 

2. Kazam Charging Station

Address: 65-64, Kameshwar Park, Vasant Vihar 2, Nava Naroda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382330

Available chargers:

Kazam 3.3 and Kazam Mini are the most affordable and fast internet-based EV charging solutions.

3. M GLADS – Electric Vehicle Charger

Address: Silver Triangle Complex, FF-34, Vyas Wadi, Nava Vadaj, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380013

Available chargers:

Bharat AC Charger (Bharat AC01) and Bharat DC Charger (Bharat DC01). These are DC fast chargers that meet the standards of CCS, CHAdeMo, and GB/T. 

4. Griden Power – EV Charger Manufacturer

Address: E-903, Gala Aria, Opp. Gala swings Nr. Sobo Centre, Gala Gymkhana Rd, South Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058

Available chargers:

The DC 001 EV charger.

5. YoCharge- EV Charging solution provider + charger manufacturer

The DC 001 EV charger.

Available chargers:

Type 2 AC EV Charger

DC Charger : Connectors – CCS 2 | CHAdeMO

25 KW to 360 KW

YoCharge electric vehicle solution to meet your charging needs.

The electric vehicle is making its presence in our daily life by becoming part of our mobility. Especially electric cars and electric bikes have become inevitable, and thus, battery recharge. It is advisable to have a charging station around the corner, and very practical to have one at home. Unleash the power of a fast, super-fast and ultra-fast YoCharge charger. We have both AC and DC chargers to meet your charging needs. 

Benefits of installing YoCharge EV charging solution

  • No Installation, Operation & Maintenance hassle
  • Select Best Charger for your property & needs
  • Decide Charging Tariff & Control by Mobile
  • Faster Return on Investment & Business

Install your EV charging station in Ahmedabad with Yocharge

The ideal EV charging station setup location depends on the situation and locality. However, it should be installed in an easily accessible area not to obstruct its use. Your kiosk must be easy to access for customers, whether indoor or outdoor. Usually, EV users choose a garage and facade when they do not get an enclosed area that is covered. Take into account the location of your socket hatch. It is imperative and practical to install the charging station at the hatch side if the cable provided with the EV is short. Choose a place closer to the electric panel in the house. The closer the panel, the less complex the work will be. This will directly influence the installation cost as the distance is the criteria taken so far to generate an estimate. Put professionals in the competition will help you get a competitive price. Learn more about our flexible EV charging station installation investment plan here

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