AC EV Charger

AC EV Chargers

Robust, Smart and Efficient AC EV Chargers

In AC Charging, the Charging Device acts as regulator & controller. The Charge is delivered in AC mode to onboard Charger of the Car(EV) and the onboard charger converts AC power to DC power and chargers the battery. Hence, rate of charging depends on onboard charger and charging is mostly SLOW CHARGING.

They are compact in design and offer various features and functions to meet your electric needs. Wall and floor mounting ability provides a flexible installation facility. YoCharge AC EV charger series have an open charge point protocol and multiple levels of connectivity. 

Type 2 AC EV Charger:

  • Hardware: ABB | Software – YoCharge
  • Upto 5 Year Warranty
  • Rating: 7.4 KW (Single Phase) to 22 KW (Three Phase)
  • Connector – Type 2
  • Life-time Free | Zero Subscription charges for Software Platform
  • Overcurrent, Overcharge, Residual Current Protection
  • Shock Proof & provides safe-charging
  • Real-time monitoring of current & charging rate
  • Monthly reports of unit consumption
  • Single Click conversion to public charger | Visibility on Google Maps & apps
  • Earn by Sharing your Charger within society, neighbours or public.
  • Connectivity – Wifi, GSM Sim & Lan Connectivity
  • Multiple Authentication modes including RFID Cards & mobile OTP based
  • Add-on features: Load management | custom maximum charging current setting.

All YoCharge AC EV Chargers provide AC power to the electric vehicle onboard chargers, which use advanced power control technology chargers ranging from 7.4kW to 22kW power output.


Icon EV Car in White
Set Public or Private
Operate charger by mobile
Smart operation by Mobile or RFID Card
Set maximum Current (1)
Set maximum Charging Current
Custom Dashboard for Consumption Monitoring
Earn by Sharing Charger
Type 2 Connector
Type 2 Connector
3.3 to 22 KW Rating
Feature Connectivity wifi lan sim
Connectivity – Wifi, Lan, GSM Sim
Hosting yocharge partner Charging Hubs
Load Management

Cars Compatible with AC Type 2 Chargers

Tata Nexon EV
Hyundai Kona Electric
Hyundai Kona Electric
Mahindra eVerito
Mahindra eVerito
Tata Tigor Ziptron
Tata Tigor Ziptron
Jaguar ipace
Jaguar i-Pace
Audi e tron 2022
Audi e-Tron
BYD e6
BYD e6
Mercedes Benz EQC
Mercedes Benz EQC

Installation & Service

Installation, Operation by YoCharge
Upto 5 Years Product Replacement Warranty
Online & On-Site Support

Questions by Customers

What is OCPP (Open charge point protocol)?

OCPP makes electric vehicle networks open and accessible. It creates a common language between EV charge points and online billing and management platforms. The OCPP-compliant charge point is a great advantage as it allows the ability to choose and change the online billing and management platform.

How to charge my EV at public charging stations?

Charge points available at all charging stations are similar in operations from network to network. 

How do I charge an EV on public networks?

Charge points tend to be similar in operations from network to network, but access requirements and costs can differ. Some can access through an RFID card and others through the app, and being digital contactless card payment option is in demand. Most networks need/allow a user to register details beforehand.

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